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10 Best Places To Visit In Lavasa

While Lavasa is still under renovation, Lavasa remains one of the tourists ‘ popular attractions. The hill station operated and designed by the construction company Hindustan is completely planned. The city has an international view with an attractive and clean environment, luxurious hotels and resorts, theme parks and more. Because of its intense climate, a ride from April to June is not suggested. Travel down to the top points in Lavasa to see.

1. The Promenade

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Find out the food lovers ‘ heaven! Lavasa offers a wide range of visitor restaurants both national and international. Its lovely interiors and exteriors draw visitors ‘ eyes and more than that, it serves customer’s food hard to find throughout the region. All these specialties render it one of Lavasa’s top tourist destinations.

2. Lakeshore Watersport

For visitors like sailing jetski, kayak, and pedal boating for those who want to have something of their choice for their friends Lavasa offers a wide variety of activities and water sports enthusiasts. So you can spend your time in lakeshore watersports with the adult you want to have fun.

3. Tikona Fort

Standing on top of the rough rocks and romantic breeze reminds us of the iconic Bombay film scenes. Fort Tikona, established as Fort Vitandgad, has immense historical importance since the Marathas period. It is one of the best places to visit Lava Maharashtra, with its panorama over the lake, its satvahan caves, and renowned Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Temple.

4. Vortex Splash Pad

Enjoy your holidays in Vortex Splash Pad Water Park, Lavasa not only by places but also by fun moments, innovative rides for all ages such as swimming, urban oasis and more.

5. Varasgaon Dam

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Experience the wind breeze at Varasgaon Dam and see the picturesque beauty of its mountain peak season. The spot has become a tourist destination for many people by providing numerous water sports activities. After a wonderful tour, you can notice luxurious resorts and hotels near the dam.

6. Lake

Live the stress-free experience of thrilling water sports on the manmade lake Lavasa. The best trainers and guides provide customers with a safe and safe journey. Some are water football, jet skiing, pontoons, etc.

7. Temghar Dam

Sitting on the river Mutha in Lavasa, Temghar Dam is one of Lavasa’s most picturesque areas of luscious green nature. Set on the river Mutha in Lavasa. Don’t forget to have a bite and a cup of masala tea when you visit this dam. This dam is the perfect place to see the finest combination of inventions made by man and natural beauties.

8. Ghangad Fort

The Ghangad Fort is located in the center of Tamhini Ghat. It is one of Lavasa’s best tourist spots for those taking day trips for their family, mates or spouses. Trekking along the paths, that cross the lush greenery and dense forests, can reach the fort. This fort dating back once was a prison which fought numerous wars between the Marathas, Peshwas and the British Empire.

9. Devkund Waterfall

A hidden gem that provides an extremely cool experience for travelers is one of Lavasa’s most magical things to see. The waterfall reaches 220 feet high and never does not erase the tiredness and reset travelers ‘ minds. This is a great place where you can experience different outdoor practices such as climbing, fishing, and all the other sports.

10. Bamboosa

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Bamboosa is one of the must-visit locations in Lavasa for those searching for some beautiful interior decoration for their homes and offices. Bamboosa is a factory and showroom amalgamation which is involved in the production of versatile bamboo items. Many local artists and famous craftsmen were employed in the showroom to offer their customers the best products. Sticks, chairs, tables, knives, frames and many more can be easily found.

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