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10 reasons that make Manchester the best City in the UK

There is no end to the list of best things in Manchester. However, you can only accommodate so much on a single visit. Stay for at least 10 days to be able to enjoy everything you must see before you return. Here is a list of our top 10 picks to help you make an itinerary.

best things in Manchester

1] Manchester Museum

Do you know how many precious objects from around the globe England’s largest museum houses?  4.5 million. The T.Rex fossils in the gothic building are one of the best things in Manchester.

2] John Rylands Library

This is one of Manchester’s most popular libraries. This gothic styled university building is over 117 years old. The beautiful ceilings, intricate details on the archways, the gothic walls, and of course, the special books collection makes this place one of the best things in Manchester.

3] Manchester Art Gallery

How can we miss this centuries-old beauty while talking about the best things in Manchester? This 1823 building houses paintings of Turner, Pissarro, and Gainsborough. The metal and ceramic art and 17th Century apparels and accessories in this art gallery make Manchester one of the must-visit cities in England.

4] Manchester Town Hall

This 1877 structure is at the heart of the city. This stunning beauty has been used in movies like Iron Lady and Victor Frankenstein. But that is not all. You get to visit some of the best things in Manchester from this spot. For example the Sculpture Hall and the Albert Square.

5] The Old Trafford

This famous football stadium has been home to Manchester United FC for over a century now. This is the best of the best things in Manchester for the Manchester United fans. You can feel the passion in the air around this stadium.

6] Chinatown

Authentic Chinese cuisine, art, and the entire East Asian experience are all clubbed into this one very vibrant. This is surely one of the best things in Manchester. Visit for the delicacies and the uplifting crowds.

7] The Royal Exchange

If you want a theatre, shopping mall, and all sorts of entertainment in one place, this is the chosen one of the best things in Manchester to offer it all to you. This building stands proudly since 1921, having braved the WWII. You might want to check out if the ghost stories are real.

8] Manchester Cathedral

The iconic Gothic cathedral is from the 15th Century. Built in 1421, the Cathedral has some strategically placed misericords for comfort.  The Hanging Bridge and ruins of a 700 AD church make this place one of the best things in Manchester.

9] Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

This rich home to rocks, ponds, and flora and fauna was opened in 1919. You will find a variety of birds here. With the parakeets, wrens, and swifts, this is indeed one of the best things in Manchester for the nature lover.

10] The Gay Village

The Canal Street LGBTQ community is so worth paying a visit to. The nightlife is vibrant with a host of bars and restaurants. The warmth of this place makes it one of the best things in Manchester.

These are our top picks for the list of best things in Manchester. Have a great vacation and add to the list.

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