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10 Important Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

How to be safe while travelling alone is one of the most popular concerns I hear from my female readers. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about travelling from family and friends, maybe you’re afraid of sticking out, or maybe you just want to be as prepared as possible in any scenario.

As someone who has travelled for years, most of it alone, I can attest to the fact that the world isn’t as frightening as the media portrays it to be. With a little study and planning, you’ll be well equipped to be as safe as possible while having a fantastic time on your vacation.

Keep In Touch

 Keep at least one friend or family member informed of your whereabouts and check in with them on a frequent basis. While checking in is simple if you post frequently on social media, it’s also a good idea to send your lodging addresses and flight numbers to a specific person back home, away from the prying eyes of social media.

Bring A Door Stopper

 Putting a door stopper beneath your door when you’re in the room is a smart idea whether you’re staying in a 5-star luxury hotel or a cheap motel for the night. Even if you believe the chances of someone attempting to break down your door are remote, electronic keycard mix-ups sometimes occur, so a door stopper adds an added degree of security.

Research Your Destination Thoroughly

 Always make sure you know the ins and outs of local traditions and regulations before you arrive at your destination. Know where the safest sections of town are, as well as those where you shouldn’t go after dark, what gestures are regarded courteous and which are considered insulting, how to use the public transit system, and what the political and religious circumstances in the area are like.

Also, be careful to speak with a healthcare expert about your travel plans. Before you go, ask them if there are any immunizations or health measures you should take.

Drink Responsibly

While sampling local spirits may be a fun way to learn about a new place, it’s also a good idea to drink alcohol in moderation. When you’re in a strange place with a different culture, it’s critical to keep your mind sharp.

Before you drink, be sure you know the local drinking regulations.

Dress Like a Local

 It should go without saying that what one nation considers suitable clothes may not be so in another, and this is especially true for women. Make sure you know what the dress code is at your destination and carry at least a couple outfits that meet the requirements. I recommend purchasing clothing locally for the remainder of your trip, since not only will you be able to blend in better, but clothing also makes a fantastic memento!

Purchase Travel Insurance

In the travel community, there is an old adage that if you don’t have the money for travel insurance, you don’t have the money to go. Travel insurance might save your life if you find yourself in a dangerous position, cover your bags if it goes missing, and protect your devices if they are stolen. (We’ve been using World Nomads for our travel insurance for the past 8 years and have great confidence in their services.)

Additionally, check to see whether your work provides travel insurance as part of your benefits package before making any purchases.

Keep Expensive Items Hidden

A decent rule of thumb for the ordinary traveller is to not carry something with you that you would be devastated to lose. This includes pricey jewels as well as emotional items. However, most travellers today take at least a smartphone, camera, Kindle, and laptop (or tablet) with them, so travelling with valuables is practically unavoidable.

When going from one location to another, put your valuables in a safe day bag and avoid flashing them about as much as possible. They might be gone forever if you allow them out of your sight for for a second.

Learn Basic Words in the Local Language

 Practice some essential terms in the local language before you arrive at your location. I recommend learning some phrases that will be beneficial on your travel, such as “Where is the bus stop,” “Do you speak English,” and “I’m allergic to…” in addition to the fundamental “hi,” “goodbye,” “no,” “please,” and “thank you.”

Digitize Your Documents

Always keep backup copies of your papers kept securely online, including your passport, driver’s licence, booking confirmations, travel insurance, and more. If your documents are lost, stolen, or destroyed for any reason, having a backup might save your life. Personally, I usually make a copy of them and leave it with a trusted person back home.

Additionally, having emergency contact information with you at all times, not just on your phone, is a smart idea. I don’t have every emergency contact’s phone number remembered in this digital era, so keeping a paper copy of them is a good idea.

Trust Your Gut

 Trusting your intuition and being in tune with your feelings will naturally sharpen and heighten while you’re alone on the road. Whether you’re uncomfortable with a reckless cab driver, want to be cautious with a new group of friends, or don’t want to take a drink from a man at a bar, trusting your instincts can help keep you safe.

If anything makes you uncomfortable, don’t be scared to say no and leave the situation.

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