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10 Travel Trailer Must-Haves For Your Safety & Comfort

Check this list of travel trailer safety and comfort must-haves before you go on your first trip with your camper!

I’ve spent hours studying everything I need to make my excursions easy and safe since acquiring my 13-foot camper. When buying a tiny travel trailer, safety and comfort come first, so don’t forget to bring these essentials with you on your next trip!

Trailer Lock

If you’re going to store your camper somewhere where it may be stolen, the first thing you should acquire is a lock. Coupler locks keep someone from connecting your trailer up to their automobile and driving away with it. While they are required, they are not the only locks you will require. Read on to learn more about hitch locks and wheel locks as additional safety precautions.

Hitch Lock

 I didn’t realise I needed to lock the hitch to my tow car because I was new to towing. This is required not only when towing your trailer, but also when leaving your hitch attached to your automobile when not hauling. Hitch stealing, it appears, is a thing!

Wheel Locks

 Unfortunately, theft of tiny travel trailers is common, so unless your trailer is kept in a garage or behind a fence on your property, I recommend investing in a wheel lock. This is a boot for your trailer wheel that prevents anyone from towing your trailer away. Most criminals will be deterred by this, in combination with a coupler lock.

Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are useful to have on hand because your camper’s built-in levellers aren’t always adequate to keep it level. This is especially true while camping in areas where the ground is uneven or soft. These are a must-have for any camper. This levelling block set is incredible, and it even comes with a carrying case!

Wheel Chocks

 You can’t leave the house without these! When your trailer is unhooked from your tow vehicle, they will protect it from rolling away. These are available in a number of sizes and forms, as well as a variety of materials. These tyre chocks are wonderful since they’re small and feature ridges to keep them from slipping.

Toilet Chemicals

Although my camper lacks a toilet, I have a little portable toilet that fits neatly in one of my storage spaces. I use these all-natural probiotics to help break down sediments and remove odours.

Drinking Water Hose

When filling your holding tank or connecting to city water, be sure you’re using a clean, safe drinking water hose that’s exclusively used for this reason. After using it, I hang it to dry and store it in a plastic bucket in my under-bed storage area.

Water Filter

 I recommend putting all water through a filter before hooking up your hose to fill up your water tank or connecting to municipal water at a campsite. You should avoid getting one that is too hefty; this one is ideal for travel trailers.

Emergency Roadside Kit

 When travelling by vehicle, having an emergency roadside kit might make the difference between being able to get back on the road quickly or being trapped for many hours. Jumper cables, a first-aid kit, a tow rope, a reflective warning triangle, a tyre pressure monitor, and other items are included in this emergency roadside kit.

DampRid Moisture Absorber

 You’ll need something to absorb the moisture in the air if you’re camping. This set includes three Fresh Scent hanging bags, each of which lasts around two months depending on temperature and humidity.

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