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16 Things you Must Carry With you on a Trip to Jamaica

Somewhere in the arms of the Caribbean lies a country enthralled in its own rhythm. A powerful music courses through its sapphire waves and lands. Travelers have often said that they did not know that so many shades of blue existed before they visited this enchanted land where water courses over sculptures of coral and, brushing the golden soft sands of the beach, rises gently into regal mountains.

So, it is really no surprise that almost every traveler aspires to pack their bags and book Jamaica villa rentals with staff, who tend to welcome people as one of their own, and while away weeks in quiet bliss.

In case you are already more than willing to literally dive into the alluring land of soft, sparkling beaches, though, there are certain things we think you should not forget to tuck into your bags. So, without further ado, here’s a list of accessories, electronic and otherwise, that you should bring along on your journey to the land of the crystalline and coral flushed waters.

Things to bring along on your trip to Jamaica:

  1. Camera

Any traveler knows that this is not something you should go without on any journey. But in Jamaica especially, if you forget to bring your camera along, you might just live to regret it.

Every minute of every day in Jamaica drips with a beauty so quiet and exquisite that you will want to capture every one of those. Sure, you can take photos on your phone.

But since most phones are yet to compare to the depth and quality of photographs clicked on a DSLR, we recommend that you pack this one too. Just in case.

Things to carry in Jamaica

  1. Extra batteries for your camera

Another obvious one on the list. You know this is necessary, especially if you have ever been stuck in one of those unfortunate situations where you wanted to capture some memory but your camera’s battery ran out of charge.

This is especially recommended if you are planning on taking day-long trips so your battery charge might not last that long. And plenty of people have accidents with their smaller bits of accessories so make sure you carry one, or a few, in case you drop yours in the water.

Things to carry in Jamaica

  1. A power bank

Again, a necessity. Especially if you are not carrying extra batteries. A universal powerbank will keep your devices charged when you cannot find a power outlet anywhere.

Things to carry in Jamaica

  1. Extra batteries for your phone

A little redundant, yes, but we just cannot stress enough on how important bringing extra batteries for your devices are, especially for your phone and camera.

A phone is a necessity in any situation, especially when traveling, so you need to be prepared for when your phone runs out of charge at important moments.

Things to carry in Jamaica

  1. Ample number of memory cards

Since you have been planning and organizing the trip, we assume you have seen the pictures. So, you probably know that when you travel to a heavenly kingdom like Jamaica, you will be clicking lots of photos and recording a lot more videos as you try to capture your happy moments with your family.

That basically means that you will be running out of storage a lot. Hence, make sure you have enough memory cards for your camera in hand just so you don’t miss a single fleeting moment of sheer joy and beauty.

  1. External hard disks

Let’s be real, no matter how many memory cards you are carrying, you will still run out of space. Even if you don’t, it is still a good idea to backup those precious pictures and videos.

After all, memory cards are tiny and you might misplace them easily. This is exactly why you should be carrying an external hard disk with you so you may keep taking data backup.

  1. A gear bag

This is as important as all of the gear mentioned on this list. Since you will not always be able to lug around your suitcase, you should have a compact and hardy bag for all your gear.

Also make sure to choose one that is waterproof and cushioned on the inside so that your camera, lenses, and phone etc can be protected.

Things to carry in Jamaica

  1. Different kinds of camera lenses

We all know that not all lenses are suitable for every photo. So, maybe you would want to include at least one zoom lens, a wide angle and a macro lens to your collection. After all, the basic lenses are not always good enough.

Things to carry in Jamaica

  1. Lens cleaner

This is a land of the sun, sand and glorious water. Which means that the air is humid and sand gets everywhere. Since you will be carrying a lot of devices, you must include ones that protect and keep them clean.

A lens cleaner is this a necessity. Maybe find one that can also clean your laptop/iPad screen and you are good to go.

  1. Several packets of silica gel

Like we mentioned before, it is gloriously humid in Jamaica, so our beloved gadgets tend to get a bit of moisture in them. But don’t worry. Just drop a few packets of silica gel into your gear bag and that will keep your devices free from moisture.

Things to carry in Jamaica

  1. Microfibre Cloths

This is a necessity for when you are cleaning your gadgets. Any other kinds of clothes might leave scratches, especially if there is sand involved, so it is a good idea to bring a few pieces of these along.

  1. Data cables

Different kinds of them. Everyone knows data cables are a necessity. You just don’t know when you might need one.

  1. Earphones

Any travelers journey is incomplete without good music to accompany it. So, make sure you do not forget this one either.

  1. Audio splitter

For romantic nights you spend walking along the beach with your lover. Or when you need to put the kids to sleep. Just put some soft music on and you can relax without any worries.

  1. A GoPro camera

This is necessary for underwater shots or when you go for any kind of adventure activities. A GoPro will record every special moment of it.

  1. Waterproof cover for your devices

Where there is water, there is the death of many electronic gadgets. So, waterproof covers for your camera, lenses, and phone are a necessity.

Waterproof cover for your devices

Obviously, there are a lot more things that you can add to this list. But, for now, these are all the necessary gadgets and related items that you need to bring with you to Jamaica.

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