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2 Reasons You want to be a Rugby Supporter

Literature fans will know the sport as “a good occasion for keeping thirty bullies far from the center of the city”, courtesy of Oscar Wilde. If you know rugby any better, the passion, excitement and unpredictable and dramatic action it involves, what terms like lineout and ruck mean, how the scores are awarded, how the laws evolve, and the professional calendar that offers a plethora of tournaments, you’d know it’s true.

With England hosting the quadrennial Rugby World Cup this year, your getaway has just been made better. As you can see, the World Cup fixtures here outline that the games will be held at 12 venues and will last for 6 weeks. Planning therefore, becomes important and while you book your tickets from a reliable and secured site like, you may want to revise your education regarding both your understanding to celebrate the event and avoiding undue pitfalls to make the trip memorable.

1.     Songs and Nationalism

Want to see how patriotic the British really are? Don’t wait to get your tickets from the to experience it firsthand. The atmosphere of each match is literally chock-full of the ferocious rivalries existing between the different nations. From the national anthems (bagpipes included for Scottish supporters) that get everyone to their feet, singing proudly, and the favorite Rugby songs like Sing Low, Sweet Chariot or Flower of Scotland for honoring their respective nation, to the battle cry such as the New Zealand team’s haka, you’ve to see it all to believe it.

2.     Quality and Blood

You probably won’t be going online to see the World Cup fixtures here if you weren’t a rugby maniac. You aren’t there to sightsee the museums when you’ve got the opportunity to see the players and action of key games at least up close. This popular sport differs in terms of entertainment values because people expect a team effort and not just star-studded celebs; fans don’t just root for a particular talent but for anyone performing at the field position during the scores.

Injuries are common; the players aren’t wearing a helmet even as they aim to survive an impact equivalent of a 50-mph car crash. There are no mathematically derived stats to analyze and discuss some random claims and there’s definitely no overflow of sentiments if a player gets injured. That’s not to say the rugby players aren’t looking to knock out their opponents. Sports like football have not been able to retain the level of quality of the encounters, whereas even as gruesome sights of blood are common in rugby, people will readily prefer it to other games because players still respect one another off the field irrespective of the any conflict that happened during the game. Put simply, rugby is a cultured game.

Traveler Advice

It’s best to carry only the essentials and travel light to keep misplacing or snatching incidents at bay. Precautionary measures like placing your valuables and spare cash back in the safety deposit at your hotel will ensure that you get to the stadium safe and enjoy watching the oval-shaped ball sail over the crossbar

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