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3 Group Stage Matches that you Gotta See Live!

The ICC Cricket World Cup is here to steal the show yet again. Come Valentine’s Day and a large population of the world is going to prove its love for cricket. Scheduled to be held in the exotic lands of Australia and New Zealand, this season promises to be energetic, exciting, and compelling. So gear up and get set to witness matches with spectacular performances and nail-biting finishes. While you contemplate on what to watch and what to miss, here’s a list of the must-watch matches and the things to do after cheering for your favourite team!

1.England Vs Australia

Venue: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

Date: February 14, 2015

The World Cup couldn’t have had a better start. An exciting showdown between two of the most competitive and ambitious teams is sure to keep you from even winking an eyelid. Complementing the spirit of the game is the venue, Melbourne Cricket Ground. Well located and surrounded by the most exciting Australian attractions, the stadium has within a perimeter of 2 KM an array of sights and experiences that must be explored while in the city.

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After an exciting match, car rental agencies like Hertz are available to help you make the most of your trip. The Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour that begins from not too far off takes you on a drive in sheer luxury to the most scenic of valleys. It gives you an insider’s view of the world of wine. If you are game to flying across Australian skies, then jump onto a hot air balloon for an experience of a lifetime! Or simply revel in the beauty of 64-acres of Fitzroy Gardens. With dance workshops, fountains and model villages, these gardens are sure to leave you spellbound.


2.India Vs Pakistan

Venue: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

Date: February 15, 2015

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Arch rivals coming together make for a match that is not to be missed. Armed with strong players and strategies, this match is going to be reason for several enthusiastic cheers and deep-rooted emotions. To get away from the overwhelming and loud environment that is quintessential of matches like these, there is, in the vicinity, no dearth of places to visit.

The Adelaide Zoo, the country’s second oldest, is a haven for animal lovers. Get acquainted with more than 300 exotic species as you experience a walk through a man-made forest. The art enthusiasts will find solace in the Adelaide Festival Centre that is home to various genres of art – from theatre to music and dance. Another unique local attraction is the Migration Museum – an attempt to educate visitors with the social history of Adelaide.


3.South Africa Vs West Indies

Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney

Date: March 8, 2015

Feel the heat of the World Cup Season as you witness heightened excitement at the Sydney Cricket Ground. This match is scheduled with a promise to bring you the best cricket has to offer. Be sure to complete your trip to Sydney as you explore attractions that are a stone’s throw away from the ground. The Capitol Theatre, an architectural and historic landmark is home to some of the most famous productions in the world today. With ballets and other musicals, this theatre is a must-visit while at Sydney. Make a visit to St Mary’s Cathedral for a calm and spiritual experience.

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It is known to have the greatest length among all churches in the country. Victoria Barracks is one among very few army architectures standing today. Built by convicts, the barracks are open to public on Thursdays and first Sundays of every month.

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