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5 mesmerizing areas in Korea in 2020 Splendid autumn

Korea, beautiful countryside in East Asia, borders on north-east Russia, north-west China, and eastern Japan, provides an extremely picturesque landscape view and history and historical context of more than 5000 years. Autumn is like a reception in Korea when every leaf seems like a tree. You can see how the rotting maple leaves the floor gently in the spiral and adds the blanket of crinkled gold. It is time for cooler weather throughout the peninsula.

1. Asan Gingko Tree Road

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In all of the fall landscapes, the Asan Gingko Tree Road is considered to be the embodiment. It’s a long street lined with tall trees and in the autumn the leaves of these trees turn a beautiful golden color and give panoramic views. You can feel that it was brought to life by a yellow brick road! Instead, you can walk along the road or take a drive to discover the beauty of this path.

2. Changdeokgung Palace

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Built as the second royal villa after the building of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the Changdeokgung Palace was built in 1405. It is the most preserved palace of all five remaining palaces in the Joseon Dynasty, for many Joseon Kings. The palace in the center of Seoul provides an enchanting view to the Secret Garden. It was a place to relax in the limits of this secret garden for the elderly kingship. In a calm environment, the garden is surrounded by overhanging foliage. It’s one location away from the heat of the city and shows a perfect insight into Korea in the autumn.

3. Nami Island

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Nami Island is known locally as Namiseom Island formed by the Cheongpyeong Dam construction. The island is home to the grave of General Nami who won the 7th King of the Joseon dynasty during the reign. The location for the movie is the famous Korean drama’ Winter Sonata’ and is the highest in the wish list of all tourists. You can walk down honey-yellow trees and look at the sunlight on the surface of the Han. You can also give your holiday in Korea an exciting twist by taking part in certain water sports activities.

4. Seoraksan National Park

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Seoraksan is one of Korea’s most beautiful mountains and is renowned for the panoramic views, transparent mountain streams, and a vibrant fauna and flora around Seoraksan National Park. In autumn, you can encounter spreading branches of red maple leaves on an outing to the Seoraksan national park. Walking paths or jump to the cable car linked to Seoraksan can be picked. You will find yourself enthralled by the elegance of a short 5-10 minute walk from the top of the mountain to Gwongeumseong fortress.

5. Jeonju Hanok Village

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Located in the City of Jeonju, Jeonju Hanok Village is one of 735 traditional Korean hanbok buildings. Pungnam-dong & Gyo-dong are all ignored and showcase Korea’s historic beauty and traditions. You may rent a hanbok that is the traditional Korean suit and explore the many alley of the village, built in the middle of over 800 buildings. You can also take the local delicacies and stay in one of the traditional buildings for a night. Such houses have a heating system under the building, which makes it possible for the floor to stay warm regardless of the outside temperature.

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