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5 Tips on How To Use Your Holiday Photos

Far too often people spend a lot of time documenting their time on holiday, recording some of the greatest moments on their lives, with the end result being a bunch of great photos languishing deep in a hard drive, rarely seen by anyone.

So today we’re going to look at some creative and fun ways to make sure your holiday snaps get the time and attention they deserve, long after the holiday is over.

Photo Collage Wall Display

If you’ve got a bit of talent with the camera and think your photos will stand up to the test of being on the wall for everyone to see, then one of the most striking ways to display your holiday photos is a canvas print photo collage. Pick some of your best shots and send them off to be printed onto stretched canvas, then hang them in pride of place in your home. See the link above for some examples on how creative you can get with a photo collage. Check out the example below of what you might do with the photos from your next surfing safari:


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Holiday Scrap Book

One of the easiest ways to see your holiday photos more often is to create your own holiday photo album / scrapbook with print outs of your photos and items from the holiday itself. There are a bunch of services online that can help you out with this, but sometimes the best way is also the simplest. Just head down to the stationary store, buy yourself a scrapbook and get started. Leave it on the coffee table when friends come over, and it becomes a great conversation starter.

Have a Slide Show Party

This used to be the done thing for everyone when they got back from a great holiday, they’d set up the slide projector and everyone would watch patiently as the host clicked through each and every shot. Nowadays you can be a bit more creative with it, by editing your shots into a slide show with backing music, that you can then display on your widescreen TV for your guests.

Photo Fridge Magnets

This is an easy and casual way to give your photos a bit more exposure, simply mail the shots to any company that provides the service then when they arrive, stick them on your fridge! This is ideal for someone who really wants to see the photos more often, but isn’t really comfortable with them being the centre of attention for a whole evening.

Slideshow Screensaver

Not many people know about this great feature in Windows, but it is possible to turn your favourite photos into a slideshow that appears instead of a regular screensaver. So you’ll be in the office and head off to grab yourself a cup of coffee, then when you get back to your desk you see shots from your last holiday playing across the screen. It gives you a bit of a pick me up and also lets other people in the office see your holiday snaps.

So there you have it, five great ways to make sure your photos get the attention they deserve and you get to reminisce about your great holiday whenever the chance presents itself.

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