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5 Top Holidays for Yoga Enthusiasts

Yoga has become a very popular way of exercising and losing weight. There are numerous YouTube Channels, magazines and books out there now, all teaching you how to become more at one with your body.

Some places have combined people’s love of yoga with holiday destinations to create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere where you can meditate and work with the teachers to hone your skills.

You will find that yoga holidays and breaks offer something for everyone from the beginner to the expert. So it’s important to know what they provide before you book.

Here are some of those retreats that you can find.

Tilton House, East Sussex, UK

Hiding amongst the trees in the South Downs near Lewes is a charming country house. They offer yoga weekends all through the year, but you can do other things as well.

You can hike through the beautiful South Downs and then come back to the hot sauna to loosen those aching muscles.

They have yoga classes up to three times a day so you can be as active as you wish.

Alpine aura, France

If you like snow, or if you are taking a non-yoga friend with you, then this holiday may be for you. They offer fun and healthy breaks in the French Alps.However, you may have early starts at 7am.

Along with yoga, they offer snowboarding and skiing and cater for all experience levels. The menu is vegetarian with many local wines to sample.

Circle of Relaxation, Norway

Located above the Arctic Circle, this holiday retreat is nestled next to a fjord surrounded by snow covered mountains.

This is quite an intensive break with yoga as well as a boat safari and scenic treks. It is a beautiful location, and the whole trip is geared to help you reconnect with yourself and nature.

Pi Blau, Spain

Pi Blau is an idyllic location overlooking the beach and receiving up to 11 hours of sun a day in summer. You can enjoy walking, massages and of course, yoga.

They are perfect for the beginner, so if you or a friend are trying it for the first time, this is the place to go. The meals are vegetarian and they have fabulous local wine. 

Terragonia, Spain

Several resorts in this beautiful beach area offer yoga classes on the white sand.  For those interested in capturing their yoga experience from above, some of the resorts will fly a drone over the lesson to create incredible aerial footage of the beach yoga.  This type of aerial yoga footage will certainly be of interest to your friends and family once you share it on social media.

These are only a few of the many breaks and retreats you can go to all over the world. They offer you the chance to practice your yoga with a qualified teacher while making friends and letting your body unwind in the peace and quiet.

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