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6 Epic Canadian road trips

Canada is proof that chilling cold can be beautiful. It is a fun place to visit or live in. When you are in Canada you must enjoy yourself to the fullest and road trips are the best way to do that. Here are some road trips to Canada that will blow your mind.

road trips to Canada

1] Country Routes, Quebec

The province of Quebec is historically rich. Each route has a unique attraction. If you want multiple road trips to Canada, start with the province of Quebec. The place is a must-visit for foodies because of the Gourmet Route. The 900km long Whale Route actually lets you see whales from the shore. The Mountain Route will give you a beautiful mountain view along with the drive through the Charlevoix World Biosphere Reserve. Then we have the king’s Road that takes you through the small and pretty towns of Quebec.

2] Nova Scotia Cabot Trail

This 300km road trip is the best of all road trips to Canada. Enjoy the beautiful east coast. You can go for a hike to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. You can play some golf at the golf course of Highlands Links. If you are into exploring different cultures, the Celtic music festival. Stop for some fishing and swimming on the seafood trail. Enjoy the lobster and crab delicacies.

road trips to Canada

3] Coastal Drives, Prince Edward Island

Crossing the 12.9km Confederation Bridge is a thrilling experience. You will take about 10 minutes to cross it. You don’t get to race your way through it, and why should you? The view is spectacular from the Gentle Island. The lighthouses, beaches, everything will be in view. The fishing port too will be in view. This is one of the road trips to Canada you can make on bikes as well.

4] The Dempster Highway

The Yukon and Northwest Territories is home to the 671km Dempster Highway. This route is not like other road trips to Canada. It is a little difficult and not for the amateur. Hence, it is a lesser traveled road. If that is your thing, visit in autumn to get the best view and to catch the Northern Lights. You might come across some wildlife too. So, keep your eyes wide open and your car windows securely rolled up.

5] St. John’s: The Heritage Run

This 463km loop is one of those relaxing weekend road trips you set out on with your friends. The view is mesmerizing as you pass by some heritage sites. Hence, the name. You can stop briefly to breathe in the entire view and take pictures but you can never replicate via pictures and memories, what you will feel when you are standing right here or driving through.

6] Gaspesie Tour, Montreal

This 1500km road trip from Montreal takes the better part of a week to enjoy. Take your time to enjoy the bird sanctuaries, national parks, hiking routes, and the seascapes. This route is for the ultimate road trip lovers because it goes on and on.

These road trips in Canada will be so much fun that your wanderlust will be quenched for at least a year.

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