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6 Fascinating Things to do in Paris

Paris is one of the most famous and loved destinations in France. The place is popularly known as the city of Love. It’s a big city and you should not miss any top sightseeing attractions and other exciting things to do in Paris.

things to do in Paris

Here is our take on the best things to do in Paris. Add your personal favorites to it and you have your perfect itinerary.

things to do in Paris

1] Visit the Gothic Notre Dame

The Cathedral of Notre Dame, the heart of Paris, the place where royal weddings took place, the place where Napoleon was crowned. This is one of the most eventful places to visit in Paris. But you will be hooked by the beautiful architecture of the place. It took over 180 years to build this architectural wonder. The iconic windows, the tower, the entrance, the classic details, all of these make the Gothic Notre Dame the world’s most enchanting cathedral. Taking this all in is one of the best things to do in Paris.

2] Visit the modern bistros

Forget about the Michelin restaurants. Several Michelin chefs are at the humbler places where you can enjoy delightful meals at reasonable prices while you enjoy the raw beauty of the city. Restaurants like Clover House will give you the same wonderful food without having to make dinner reservations weeks beforehand. Why engage a huge amount of money on one dinner, when there are so many things to do in Paris with all the money you have got? Of course, this does not apply if you are celebrating some great milestone in your life. But for a usual day, try out the local food and restaurants and you will love it.

3] Taste all the sweets

Chocolates and sweets of all kinds is a fascinating affair in Paris. Do not miss this. Do not keep it as just part of the dessert after a full meal. If you are a dessert lover, trying all the best dessert items from the best shops in the city is the wisest of things to do in Paris. Go to Jacques Genin, Yann Couvreur, Hugo & Victor, and Fou de Patisserie, for the best of treats.

4] Visit the Royal Palace Gardens

Suave, serene, and elegant, the 17th Century palace with perfect gardens, fountains, and designer boutiques is the place to go crazy for. Love flowers? Love perfumes? Love fashion? This is where you will get it all. You also have a Michelin star restaurant right here. This is a cocktail of royal affairs. Come here when you want to splurge like it is the last day of your life. But do not empty your pockets entirely though, because there is still a lot more left to do.

5] The Mandatory Eiffel Tower View

This isn’t what people do just because everybody else is doing it too. Once you visit the amazing Eiffel Tower and start climbing, you will realize it is the experience of a lifetime and you would have wanted to do it even if nobody else did. Visit the tower at night for the sparkling lights shining down on you.

6] Dinner at Marina de Paris

Add to the romantic elements on your trip with a classy and lovely dinner at the Marina de Paris.

This isn’t even 10 percent of the things you could do in Paris but certainly a fulfilling list of things to make you happy.

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