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6 Reasons Why Bataan Should Be Your Next Tourist Destination

The numerous tourist spots in Bataan makeit one of the best destinations for summer in the Philippines. As it is easily accessible from Manila through road, its not difficult to reach the city.

Located in central Luzon, Bataan is one of the places which is strongly associated with the history of the country and significant historical events such as “Fall of Bataan” and “Bataan Death March”. Also, there are numerous monuments and markers paying tribute to the soldiers who participated in the World War II in this city which enhance its historical significance.

It is an ideal tourist destination not just for the history enthusiasts but also for the nature lovers who are seeking a tranquil place to relax, unwind and replenish.

Here are the top reasons which make Bataan in the Philippines worth travelling:

  1. Glimpses Of the Spanish Colonial Era

At Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, one can go back in time and experience the glimpses of the Spanish Colonial Era. There is a resort and a heritage park located in Bagac next to the West Philippine Sea where you can easily find the Spanish Colonial Period houses.

  1. Samat National Shrine

The Mt. Samat National Shrine located in Pilar, which got constructed in 1970 has been dedicated to the Filipino and American soldiers who were a part of the World War II.

The shrine is famous for its 92 meter Memorial Cross and its viewing gallery from where one can get mesmerizing views of the West Philippine Sea and the nearby mountains. One can also visit the museum to learn about the history of city and the what happened here during the World War II.

  1. Pawikan Conservation Centre

An ideal place for the nature lovers, the Pawikan Conservation Centreis one of the nesting sites for the endangered marine animals.

The Pawikans or sea turtles are carefully preserved here, and when they come back to lay their eggs in November and December, the site looks amazing.

  1. A Visit To The Nuclear Plant

The only nuclear plant in the Philippines is located in Morong at the Napot Point in the Bataan.

While this nuclear point was never used to carry out controlled nuclear reactions, but, visitors can see its various components in a 90 minute long tour and understand how the nuclear power plants actually function.

  1. Hiking in Bataan

If you are an avid nature lover, and like hiking, then Bataan is one of the best destinations where you can indulge in hiking the verdant mountain trails. The topography is majorly comprised of mountains, highlands, and hills.

The hikers can get the picturesque views of the Tarak Ridge, Corregidor and the other nearby islands. Also, the icy water of the Papaya river  offers a refreshing dip.

  1. Sunset At the Barangay Sisiman

The Sisiman’s coastal Barangay offers the magnificent views of a fiery sunset. Indeed, it’s a tranquillising experience.You can sit on the beach and watch the sun setting behind the horizon.

While visiting this city, instead of the hotel, you can rent one of the vacation houses in Baatan, which are not only economical but are much better than hotel in many aspects.


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