7 Places to Visit With a One Way Ticket To Alberta

Ever been to Canada? It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In its Western segment, you’ll find a landscape blanketed in forests, mineral deposits and icefields. That place is called Alberta and the sixth-largest Canadian province is home to over 600 lakes. With the Badlands to its east and Rocky Mountains to the west, Alberta is the ideal vacation spot full of great opportunities for amazing photos and even better video content.

Alberta’s Charm is Appealing to Expats and Travelers

Did you know that the Halloween tradition “trick or treat!” was originally started in Alberta? This was back in 1927, but Alberta’s history runs much deeper. There’s a lot to learn about Alberta’s past, such as the fact that this destination was named in honor of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939).

Check out one of the area museums, such as the Art Gallery of Alberta and The Hangar Flight Museum, to get a glimpse into the history that runs through every inch of the province. Natural sights are everywhere around Alberta, including the beaver dam at Wood Buffalo National Park, which is the longest dam of its kind on the planet! Witness a UFO landing pad at St. Paul and sip a Bloody Caesar with other expats inside one of the social bars.

There’s a tight-knit community in each part of Alberta, making it a good place to connect with the locals and tourists. With an abundance of accommodation options to suit every budget, Alberta presents anyone with an opportunity to set up a comfortable and fascinating lifestyle. The province is made up of Edmonton, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Canmore and Calgary. It’s up to you which one you decide to set up camp in.

7 Must-Visit Sights in Alberta

The aforementioned attractions are not the only things you can see and do in Alberta. With a one-way ticket, you’ll have a chance to see everything if you really want to! Why wouldn’t you? The province is home to the following charming places of interest:

  1. Banff National Park – Covering 6,641 square kilometers, this mountainous region is nestled into the nucleus of the Canadian Rockies. It is the oldest national park in all of Canada and arguably the most picturesque, with its ice fields, jagged terrain and natural hot spring. The park is a popular spot for hiking and stargazing.
  2. Waterton Lakes National Park – You had better plan a few days or at the very least, an entire day, to exploring what’s on offer at this national park. It comprises Red Rock Canyon, Upper Waterton Lake, Cameron Lake and the Crypt Lake Trail. Don’t miss an opportunity to uncover Bertha Falls via one of the pretty hiking trails.
  3. Medicine Lake – You really do have to see this lake with your own eyes to believe how beautiful it is. A campground can be found in the lake’s provincial recreation area, where you can launch a boat and go fishing along the turquoise water. Mysteriously, the lake begins to drain every single fall. Beneath the water is a limestone cave system.
  4. Jasper National Park – Back in 1907, this national park was established. It covers 10,878 square kilometers and is every inch beautiful. The scene is a blend of subalpine forest, lakes, peaks and glaciers. Don’t be surprised if you spot a bighorn sheep or moose when camping or hiking at the site! You can also find Maligne Canyon at Jasper National Park. With a depth of 50 meters, it is the ideal area for exploration.
  5. Columbia Icefield – Head to the Canadian Rockies to feast your eyes upon one of the world’s biggest non-polar ice fields. The geological features that you will witness at Columbia Icefield are spectacular, as are the glaciers. Learn how the glaciers are formed by attending a Glacier Adventure between April and October.
  6. Lethbridge – After Calgary, this city is the third-largest by land area. Some of the area attractions that help it to earn its place on this list include the Indian Battle Park, Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, Galt Museum & Archives and the historic site known as the Fort Whoop-Up. Various cultural venues are sprinkled around the city, including sports centers and art theaters.
  7. Sunwapta Falls – Experience a thrill rafting along the crystal clear waters that gush from Sunwapta Falls. This pair of waterfalls spills into the Sunwapta River and the falls have a drop of approximately 18.5 meters. Athabasca Glacier feeds the upper and lower waterfalls. Don’t leave without getting your picture taken in the viewpoint parking area, which looks out onto a dramatic scene.

Choose an Alberta Hotel to Suit Your Budget and Tastes

The options are equally as irresistible elsewhere in Alberta, so why not start searching sites like Expedia for an Alberta hotel today?

Alberta entices visitors with its profusion of accommodation options in the cities, towns, villages and summer villages that make up the landscape. Stay near snow-capped mountains and unblemished landscapes at the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort or take a rest in the heart of the city at The Fairmont Palliser in Calgary. Lake Louise’s fairytale atmosphere will leave you feeling euphoric. Alternatively, you may wish to kayak, hike, ski and explore Yoho National Park before relaxing inside the Deer Lodge. 

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