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A brief tourist Guide to Iceland

Located in Northern Europe, Iceland is an isolated and a small country where you can hardly find anything. This is because of the volatile wealth and sultry climatic conditions. In the last few years, a few vegetables, seafood and lamb are existent here, but the fruit needs to be imported from the shores. This also tends to include a host of other things like international clothes, alcohol all needs to be imported.

Some of the best selections are found in Reykjavik, but as soon as the capital is left to look for something becomes scary. When you compare how small a country is the variety of international food is good.

Things to look forward to when you are in Iceland.

People cannot be avoided- though it boasts of a small population and it is really nice to bump into a few well-known friends, but sometimes it tends to become annoying as well. There are chances that you might bump into your former girlfriend or your ex-boss.


People, who set up base in a small country like Iceland, have the feeling that they tend to get away from the place time to time. Since its location is pretty far from Europe, you cannot hop on a train or plan a road trip to any part of Europe. It is expensive also which compounds the problem

Do not be on the assumption that you can vanish into the crowd

Once again we substantiate the fact that it is a small country and close to 320, a thousand people are in the country. The situation is all the worse in Reykjavik, as it is a small place and all of us are aware of it and things can be found easily.

Some of the tourist attractions in Iceland


Pingvellir national park- it happens to be a national park situated in Southwest Iceland, and it is just a mere 1-hour drive from Reykjavik. In fact, it is part of the Golden circle and is brimming with historical and cultural importance. It is indeed one of the popular tourist attractions in this part of the world, as it is the home to Bingvallavatn incidentally is the largest natural lake in Iceland. One of the best-guarded secrets on top of the cleft which , according to the viewpoint of many divers separates America and Europe.

Hornstrandir natural reserve- it is linked with the sagas, and heavily populated till the beginning of this century, on the northernmost part of the Westfjords is located this natural reserve. It is located at 534 meters above sea level and works out to be one of the biggest seafowl colonies on the earth. The lack of technology along with communication has forced the people here to stick to their own beliefs and this is all the more so when you compare their liberal attitude with their family members. In the present day, all the farms have been vacated and a lot of tourists visit this place.

Aurora hunting

As a tourist of Iceland, you must be a part of aurora hunting. It is a fascinating experience to watch the northern lights. Most of the visitors come here every year to hunt these wonderful lights only. You can consider it as once in a life time event as a traveler. Aurora lights are one of the most beautiful wonders of Mother Nature. Various trips are organized in Iceland every year where you can go and witness the amazing lights of an aurora. It is a natural phenomenon which cannot be predicted even with latest technology. Visibility of aurora lights totally depends on your luck that is why watching them is considered as aurora hunting. Local guides are familiar with those places where these lights can be seen more often. Best time to visit in Iceland for aurora hunt is between the months of October and April.  Sufficient darkness is very essential to see those lovely creations of nature.


Driving and renting a car in Iceland

If you rent a car in Iceland you present an opportunity to yourself for exploring the breathtaking views of the country and that too at your spare time. Self-paced tours are becoming popular for the adventure freaks as they can devise their own schedule and explore the beauty of nature by themselves. What many drivers here do not take note is that the driving conditions in Iceland are challenging, coupled with the rugged weather and the changing landscape adds to the problem. You need to be aware of the road condition in Iceland if you are planning to drive here

Highway 1 is the most commonly used roads and you can explore it to travel in the country safely. As it is the main road of the country, it is well maintained and open throughout the year. A point to note is that during the harsh winters, this road is subject to partial closures due to heavy snowfall. Though the highway is a mere  2 lanes, one can seldom see any traffic snarls in this highway. The other roads which lead to the main centers are tarmac.

The rules and regulations are as follows if you want to drive a car in Iceland you need to be 20 years of age and hold a valid license for one year. To rent a mini bus one should be 23 years of age. The official document of your license should be in English followed by the local translation.

Why us

If you are planning a vacation,  then guide to Iceland is the largest consortium in the travel industry. They have strategic alliances with more than 600 companies, travel suppliers and individuals in the country of Iceland itself.

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