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A Foolproof Guide To Making Long Haul Travel Bearable (And Enjoyable!)

Heading off on a long haul journey? Whether your flight is taking you somewhere for pleasure or business, these foolproof tips will help you on your way.

It is always worth checking out a business class for your trip. There are sometimes deals to be had, so speak to business class travel agents to find one for you! The extra space and comfort can make your investment worthwhile. Enjoying a chilled drink as you stretch out and take in a movie is the perfect way to do long haul.  It can sometimes be a false economy to bundle yourself into economy. You could well find yourself frazzled and stressed! Not the best start to a working day. You want to arrive refreshed and relaxed. If it’s a holiday flight then what a great way to treat yourself!

So the trip is booked! Whatever class you’re traveling, let’s look at some top tips to help the journey bearable and enjoyable in equal measures!

Firstly, preparation is the key. Pack your inflatable pillow and earplugs. You may find a sleeping mask a great investment. Choose some cozy slippers or comfortable slip on shoes to change into. Speak to the flight attendant and ask for a blanket. You now have your essentials for a sleep or just a doze.

Drink water on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with a glass or two of what you fancy, but keeping hydrated is the key. It can also help with any possible jet lag.

Also, keep yourself moving. Ask for an aisle seat so you can have a wander up and down. Great for checking up on the other passengers and maybe having a chat with someone new. You may want to wear a pair of flying socks. They are not the most glamorous and can be a pain to get on and off. But if you have health issues, have a word with your GP about the benefits. Stock up your tablet or phone with your favorite films, TV programs and music. The in-flight entertainment is not always the most exciting. So make your own playlist to enjoy. If you struggle to read or watch a screen when traveling, then why not download some audio books? It’s a great chance to enjoy that book you have been meaning to read! Sit back and lose yourself in a thriller or romance. The time will fly by! Podcasts will give you more bitesize snippets to dip into.

Traveling long haul means you have to eat! You may be lucky to have a carrier that offers appetizing menus. But this isn’t always the case. Check out duty-free before you board and buy yourself some treats. There is nothing to stop you packing fresh fruit and snacks in your carry-on bag.

There you are, wrapped up in a cozy blanket, slippers on and listening to your favorite book or music. Add a crunchy apple, bottle of water and a chilled glass of wine and the long haul will simply fly by!

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Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed is a travel junkie who’s passionate about traveling and writing. He finished his Bachelor of Engineering in 2012, and as all typical engineers do, he had no clue what to do in life.

That is when he decided to combine his passions and start a travel blog. He wanted to travel far and wide, at the same time letting others know about the exotic places he discovered. That is how TheWanderingStar was born.

Thewanderingstar is a website dedicated to traveling and keeping its reader updated with the latest fads in the travel world. It is a concoction of wide-ranging topics such as diving, exotic destinations, travel tips, budget tips, and so on.

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