Kishar Ahmed is a travel junkie who’s passionate about travelling and writing. He finished his Bachelor of Engineering in 2012, and as all typical engineer do, he had no clue what to do in life.

That is when he decided to combine his passions and start a travel blog. He wanted to travel far and wide, at the same time letting others know about the exotic places he discovered. That is how TheWanderingStar was born.

Thewanderingstar is a website dedicated to travelling and keeping its reader updated with the latest fads in the travel world. It is a concoction of wide-ranging topics such as diving, exotic destinations, travel tips, budget tips and so on.

Though this started off with a single author, today it has multiple authors who have traveled to places unimaginable.

This is neither a website nor a blog, instead, it is a travel diary, where people pen down their adventures so that more people may know about it and undertakes their own adventures, except that they will know what to expect and be prepared and armed with helpful tips from across the globe.

This travel diary covers pretty much all topic under the sun related to travelling.

Some of the topics that you can look forward to are listed below:

  • Travelling on the land continuously can get boring, so writers at Thewanderingstar bring to your notice the latest cruises, the best ones and weirdest ones. They point out the ones you must try and the ones you, by all means, shouldn’t get on.
  • What’s life without a little love? Thewanderingstar pen out eloquent posts on the most romantic destinations, which you must visit. They choose spots that everyone can relate to and feel about.
  • Staying at hotels all the time can get quite boring, so Thewanderingstar bring out the best resorts to stay in, dine in and party in. They point out the special features that a resort supplies. They give realistic feedback so that you aren’t disappointed when you actually go there.

Travelling isn’t just for the rich, travelling is a soul-warming experience for all. Thewanderingstar give out tips and tricks to travel on a budget.

They mention the best places to visit, great places to dine in and comfortable stay when you are strapped for cash.

Travelling can be beautiful and leave you relaxed, if you do it right. However, it can also turn into a nightmare if are unprepared, uninformed or naïve.

Here at Thewanderingstar, they graciously point out where they went wrong, what they should have done so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

They give out the best travel trips so that you can have that amazing vacation that you totally deserve. The best part is that they keep updating their entries, keeping up with the latest trends. They point out what’s new, the latest travel destinations and latest tips that you must try.

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