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Adventurous Tourist Places of Amsterdam

The brilliant age canals of Amsterdam lined by the buildings and the whole treasure of the city is pressed in its galleries. There are numerous beautiful Amsterdam tourist places to visit where you can explore the wealth of the city.The well-preserved architecture art crafts from 17th century tells you the city’s richness in art and culture.

Amsterdam also some adventure spots to see both on foot and through a few rides. The colourful markets to the coffee shops and Red-light district, the city has changed towards the modern, progressive attitudes and is one of the terrific holiday destination ideas.

Amsterdam tourist places

Here are some adventurous and beautiful Amsterdam tourist places to visit:

Canals of Amsterdam

Built during the 17th century to control the flow of Amstel River. An wealth of the Amsterdam can be found by a ride boat ride through the canals.

There are 165 waterways for a length more than 60-miles. A standout amongst the most visited Amsterdam tourist places for its unique boat rides and tilted houses.

According to a survey, there are more than 2500 houseboats floating on the Amstel stream in Amsterdam. Vacationers are offered rides on cruises with candle lights and furnished with unique houseboats to stay.

Amsterdam tourist places

Van Gogh Museum

Explore the world’s biggest gathering of Vincent Van Gogh works in this museum hall devoted to his works. Must visit in Amsterdam tourist places for the artists which give motivation and encouragement in their lives.

The museum, a standout amongst the most admiring Amsterdam tourist places is guided through the permanent collection of Van Gogh, exhibitions, and workshops, conducted for children along with their parents by the museum management.

Certain exceptional sessions are directed for the intrigued painters where they can feel crafted by the Van Gogh.

Amsterdam tourist places

Vondel Park

The biggest city park in Amsterdam and unquestionably most acclaimed and a standout amongst the most visited Amsterdam tourist places in the Netherlands.

A large number of people visit this park each year over the world. The park is constructed on the muddy dump area and the whole park has to go undergo the total renovation every 30 years.

The place is different from other Amsterdam tourist places where different sculptures are built in the park alongside the popular poet Vondel of Amsterdam.

Different concerts are led in the open-air theatre located at the entrance, where most of the entries are free.

Amsterdam tourist places

Floating Flower Market

Only floating flower market on the planet. The place is considered as the most fragrant place in all seasons of the Amsterdam. This uniqueness of the flower market exists since 1862. Travelers consider it as one of the beautiful Amsterdam tourist places to visit.

Most beautiful place in Amsterdam where you can buy the bouquets of different flowers from A-Z. The trusted place to buy the wooden tulips, fridge magnets, and miniature clogs.

Amsterdam tourist places

De Wallen (Red Light District)

Amsterdam prides itself on its legally encouraged adult industry and window hustler services. Since 2000 government made an announcement that profession of hustlers is legal and they now turned into as taxpayers.

One of the awkwardly felt places in Amsterdam tourist places, well known for the nightlife and party culture. The place mostly visited by the grooms who are about to get married to spend a night for the bachelor parties with the friends.

Amsterdam tourist places


After spending three days in Amsterdam exploring various attraction in and around the city, I finally boarded my flight back to home. My Trans-Siberian trip had come to an end.

The experience that I gathered from this trip was simply remarkable as I got to experience so many different cities and cultures in one trip.

It is the perfect vacation if you are looking for a long break. In my opinion, it’s an experience of a lifetime which should be experienced by everyone.

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