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All You Need To Know About Planning A Big Jet-Setting Year

Everyone should have at least one year where they go just a little bit crazy and plan the biggest adventure of their life. It might take a lot of saving and planning, but we all live lives that are confined by many reasons to put these experiences off. Few people ever die with the regret that they didn’t work enough. Many more have the regret that they didn’t travel and experience enough of the world. It is a life changing experience that can give you a whole new perspective on how you live the rest of it. So keep reading if you want a few tips on how to organize and go on a trip that you’ll be fondly reminiscing over for years to come.



Plan where you want to go

Maybe you already have the kind of bucket list that you never thought you would get around to tackling. Or maybe you’ve never put that much thought into it. You could just have vague ideas of travelling and seeing sights you’ve never experienced before. Look for inspiration. Take a look around our site or travelling blogs. Be adventurous and picking out destinations. The more you do, the more likely you can start planning a route that visits as many as possible. Sites like can help you pick that route. Whether it’s around the world or a road trip around Europe or America. Leave any thoughts of conservatism behind. You don’t get enough opportunities to explore without limits, so take the opportunity now.


Of course, one of the biggest concerns people will have in thinking about this kind of year is how much it will cost them. There’s no doubt that it will take planning and preparation. You might need to save up for a considerable time. But you can also plan your finances well enough that you get to experience all you want within a budget. Plan each leg of your journey and fit a budget to it. Take into account accommodation, food and travel. Make sure you leave a bit for fun, too. Then stick to that budget. Services like can help you travel within a budget, too. You might even be able to get some work in locations you stay at, which can help finance your trip tremendously.


For a lot of destinations, it’s mandatory that you have travel insurance put together. But even if it’s not, it’s a good idea you get yourself some anyway. Anything can happen when travelling. Major or minor, you want to make sure it’s covered and as little fuss as possible. In the worst case scenario, you could find yourself stranded without hope of help. That’s what insurance helps you avoid. Make sure you choose the deal that fits the kinds of hazards you might be likely to face in your situations. It’s not just your health you insure, but your belongings, too. On a round the world trip, losing your bags can put months of planning down the drain.

Your health

You’ll be travelling to a lot of places with different ideas of healthcare. That’s why it’s important you plan for your own health before going. Look up on your destinations and get any jabs or immunizations you may need in advance. Take note of the advice on diseases and health risks associated with each country. Even with insurance, the best way to deal with risk is pre-emptively. As for your own medication, you may need to look at the laws of the countries you’re visiting. Most will allow you to take your own medication, which is preferable. The two kinds of medication that might get you in more bother are narcotics and psychotropic. If you absolutely have to get medication abroad, you can get supplies via mail.

Packing for the big trip

A lot of these big travelling years involve a lot of travelling non-stop. When you don’t plan on returning home for a long time, you need to be doubly prepared for what you might need on the road. Make a checklist of everything you could have a use for. Changes of clothes are an obvious one. As well as a few generic outfits that will last you a long time, make sure you have weather appropriate clothing. If you visit somewhere overly hot or cold without preparing, you’ll soon regret it. Keep your passport and insurance details separate from your wallet, too. Even wearing them in a tag can be a good idea so you’re never separated from them.


It’s not just the packing you have to worry about but how to get around, too. You might have your flights sorted out already, but there are a few tips that could help you all the further. For example, if you’re able to drive, a cheap rental car could help you hit all your destinations by yourself. Biking can be exhausting but an invigorating way to explore another country. Or if you’re relying on planes, trains and boats, try to find discounts. For example, travel midweek when most people are working. The lack of demand will show its benefit in just how cheap it can get. If you’re spending a lot of time in one area, a travel pass could cut down the costs of getting around the city, too.


How cheap and hassle free your trip is also relies a lot on your choice of accommodation. By default, hotels are always going to be the most expensive option. Even the budget selections can be beaten by the right choice of cottage. If you don’t mind the lack of service. There are also plenty of chances to use camping ground when you’re travelling. It’s free and it’s always great to spend a night under the stars. However, you might be able to have a cheap and comfortable stay and even meet some great people if you look at hosting options. So long as you’re careful, you can meet some lovely people willing to let you stay with them a while.


Indeed, being careful is something you should always have on mind during a trip. No-one wants paranoia to encroach on their trip. However, those that look to prey on tourists usually look to prey on the particularly naïve. Even being a bit more questioning and skeptical when talking with locals making offers can ward off any would-be criminals. Take your safety seriously when you’re travelling, especially if you’re alone. Stay in contact with someone so everyone knows you’re okay. Keep your money, passport and credit/debit cards in separate places so you’re at much less risk of being left desolate. Study up on where you’re going and learn common risks and how best to avoid them. Most of all, be wary.


The food

One of the absolute best things about travelling to new countries and new cultures is being able to try all kinds of food. If something doesn’t agree with you, there’s usually a whole other side of national cuisine that can fit your tastes all the better. When you’re travelling, keep an eye on food blogs and find some of the best local food you can get your hands on. Sites like,8765/ can even give you more destinations to put on your route. There are also apps you can use to spot great places on the road to stop for food if you’re driving. All the same, you may want a few recipes in mind in case you start to miss the home comforts.

Using tech to help

Indeed, you should always have a handy selection of apps and sites at the ready. You might not always have the internet at your disposal, but when you do, use it. Not to distract yourself from the wonders around you but to find new ones to explore. Instagram is used to document travels of a whole generation. Whatever location you’re in, using Instagram can help you find the spots others have explored. There are also apps that can help you find restaurants, free entertainment and all kinds of local tricks. As well as particular deals on your travels. Technology is stereotyped as keeping us disconnected with the world around us. Use it well, however, and it can make your experience all the better.


Learning to go solo

If you can get someone else to join you on your year of adventuring, that’s perfect. However, if not, don’t fret. Travelling alone can be an exhilarating, even spiritual experience. Just be doubly careful about your personal safety and anyone you spend time with. However, travelling solo has plenty of real benefits like making planning a schedule all the easier. You get to spend as much time on the things you like personally instead of pleasing other people. You can make new friends wherever you’re staying if you want to. It will also be great for boosting your confidence. Once you’ve travelled the world by yourself, there’s nothing else to conquer, really.

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