Bizarre Truth Behind Must See Attractions Of Istanbul City.

A country with a fascinating history, rich culture and magnificent sights, Turkey makes its presence known to the world in behold fashion. It is a sure treat for travellers, people looking for a change of scenery and anyone willing to surrender to the diverse array of cultures Turkey has to offer. You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Must See Attractions Of Istanbul City and the things to do in Istanbul city.

Best cities to visit in Turkey

Some of the best cities to visit in Turkey would be Ankara, its capital city, Bodrum, Antalya, Urgup, Alanya and Turkey’s most famous attraction Istanbul.

What makes Istanbul so special is, alongside offering some of the best places to visit in Turkey, Istanbul also offers a treasure trove of cultural mishmash. Fifth-largest in the world, in terms of population, Istanbul is a transcontinental city. A part of both Europe and Asia, its European and Asian sides are separated by the Bosphorus strait and brought together by the Bosphorus bridge and the Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge running across the strait.

Full of diversity, both these sides possess qualities that make them unique and worthy of a visit. That said, most people are recommended to visit the European side on their first visit.

Famous Places in Istanbul City

Famous Places in Istanbul City

The cultural, economic and historical hub, the European side features some of the most famous places in Istanbul. Shaped by a plethora of empires over the centuries, Istanbul is a city that still bears the remarkable remnants of historical conflicts that would impress even the most monument-weary travellers.

Istanbul City top Attractions

When people think Istanbul top attractions, the first thing that pops into their mind is the Hagia Sopia or the Aya Sophia. Completed around 536 AD, this cherished landmark has seen a lot of changes across the centuries, the last of which came in 1935, when it was turned into a museum. It stayed that way till 2020, when it was turned back into a mosque, its previous state. A testament to the immaculate architecture, it is said that the first time Byzantine Emperor Justinian set foot in this church of his, he cried out “Glory to God that I have been judged worthy of such a work. Oh Solomon, I have outdone you!”.

No matter the changes the Hagia Sophia bears, the one thing that remains unchanged is its cultural significance and its architectural brilliance.

Top places to visit in Istanbul City

Second on the list of top places to visit in Istanbul is the Topkapi Palace, built in the fifteenth century by Mehmet the Conqueror, this was the Ottomans’ main dwelling place and where they ruled over their dominions from till the nineteenth century. A vast complex that comprises astonishing works of Islamic art, a great collection of relics of the prophet Mohammed, beautiful interiors and luxuriously decorated rooms, all surrounded by high walls and towers, is a must-see destination for all.

The Blue Mosque of Istanbul City

The Blue Mosque of Istanbul City

Needless to say, Istanbul is filled with beautiful places to appreciate. The Blue Mosque, built in the early seventeenth century, derives its name from the uncountable number of Iznik tiles the interior is covered with. A delightful sight, the interior of this Mosque is worthy of great praise and will leave you mesmerized. One can roam the gardens between this mosque and the Hagia Sofia to put each of these structures in perspective. Behind the Blue Mosque is the Arasta Bazaar, a great place to shop for hand-crafted items, making this destination one of the best places to visit in Istanbul.

Just like when people think top attractions in Istanbul, the first thing that comes to them is the Hagia Sofia, in much the same manner, when people think Turkey famous places, the first thing they think about is Istanbul. And there is good reason for that. Alongside the aforementioned places, the Basilica Cistern, the Hippodrome, the Istanbul Archaeology Museum and the grand bazaar are among the many great pleasures that Istanbul can offer travellers, making it not only one of the best cities to visit in Turkey, but the whole wide world.

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