03 Jun 2016

Luxury Hotels in the Colorado Mountains

onthesnow.com Colorado is an underrated state. There are excellent restaurants, popular art communities, and a variety of fun and enjoyable activities. But for elite travelers, Colorado is perhaps best known for its skiing. The mountains across Colorado are prime skiing locations, with fresh powder and engaging slopes that make it

03 Jun 2016

3 Reasons Why A Culture Shock Is Good For You

Travel is something that all of us should be doing more of. It can help us recharge our batteries and surround ourselves with breathtaking scenery. But, more importantly, it opens our eyes to new cultures. Sometimes the cultures, customs and traditions we uncover as we travel can seem usual and

30 May 2016

How To Turn Your Berlin Break From Blah Into Fantastic

Everyone that visits Berlin knows that it’s full of important historical sites. But that’s not all it’s famous for. If you’re looking for some fun as well as culture, then hold onto your hat because we are about to take you there. Swimming Pools Like many European cities, Berlin has

14 May 2016

Why You Should Go Travelling Without The Luxuries You’re Used To

We’re all used to certain luxuries that we just couldn’t imagine life without. Luxuries such as the telephone, a comfortable bed, and even the toilet. However, everybody should go travelling without these luxuries at least once in their lives. Wondering why? Read on to learn more: Get Back To Nature

10 May 2016

Best Places to Visit in Tuscany

Visitors to Tuscany come for several reasons. Several are available in search of fine art and medieval history, others to explore the extraordinary rural area and its rolling hills. Food lovers visit Tuscany to relish the wondrous culinary art and celebrated wines. Summer vacationers the gorgeous beaches and islands. Students

09 May 2016

Best Places to Visit in July

July could be a month for sport round the world, whether or not it’s racing horses, bulls or Asiatic buffalo . Whether the festivals are honoring a saint, historical event or simply plain fun, July could be a sensible month to get on the road, from Africa to Indonesia, from

28 Apr 2016

Islands of Nusa Tenggara

The many islands stretching east from island are together called the Nusa Tenggara, a district of eastern Indonesia that’s changing into an progressively widespread travel destination. A number of the islands boast identical variety of picture-perfect beaches that attract guests to their Indonesian neighbor. Others have landscapes, social group traditions

16 Apr 2016

All the Things You Need to Sort When You Book Your Next Vacay!

When it comes time to book your next vacay there is a lot to think about. It’s about more than just choosing somewhere and booking. You have to think hard about the destination and why you want to go there. There are also considerations to make about the budget and

01 Apr 2016

Best Artificial Beaches around the World

What else could be a perfect time out in the summer season, other than a sun bath on the beach? But, in a land-locked city, it is hardly possible to find any sandy beaches, right? No worries! Now, all around the world, there are many manmade artificial beaches, to deal

30 Mar 2016

Best Historical Travel Destinations

Travelling the world, discovering other cultures and traditions, is a wonderful experience, known only to the true explorers. This article is for those who want to see themselves in those places that marked some pages for themselves in the History. Visiting those historical places is not just a mere packing