15 Oct 2015

Get your money’s worth: 7 Tips for Choosing the perfect hotel

Still looking for the right hotel to stay in? There are considerations you should consider despite your hectic schedule. Why? Because picking the wrong one can destroy your entire vacation, not to mention a very unproductive stay if you’re on a business trip. You want to know that you’re getting

10 Oct 2015

Top 5 Best Long Haul Christmas Destinations

Are you looking for a unique way to spend the holidays this year? Then perhaps some travel is in order. Check out the top five best long haul Christmas destinations below if you’re looking for a few good travel ideas that will make your holiday season this year a truly

04 Oct 2015

Why Planning Your USA Tour Is Key to a Great Vacation

There is a saying in the military known as the 5Ps – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. That is one lesson that can be applied to everything in your life, including travel. There are many tips that you can use for each element of planning your vacation, including your Tauck

30 Sep 2015

Why to get Business Rentals in Munich?

Munich has been growing very fast economically in a wide range of industries. Every year, the number of visitors is increasing, especially for business purposes. Almost every business traveler goes through the same routine of landing at the airport, getting a taxi, renting a hotel room and staying there for

22 Sep 2015

Japan Trip On A Budget

Japan is one of the world’s most frequently visited countries, with many modern wonders and a tapestry of rich, ancient history. However, planning a visit there can be very expensive. While you can save on your flight and accommodations by looking for special deals and buy everything you can before

28 Aug 2015

5 Amazing Destinations off the Beaten Path

Sometimes, it is just good to get away – to try something new and experience a culture, style of living, or location that is nothing like what you have ever experienced before. You and your friends have probably all considered traveling to areas like Paris, Athens, and Puerto Vallarta. But

28 Aug 2015

Enjoy your vacation in your dream destination by residing in any of the Montcalm hotels

London has always proved to be a dream destination for many youngsters. Every body wishes to visit this wonderful country because of its robust economy. Apart from its strong currency there are strict rules and friendly nature of the citizens which is acting like a magnet to draw more visitors

10 Aug 2015

Must-Have Offline Tools You Need to Be a Savvy Traveler

You do everything with your smartphone, from talking to your mom on the phone to looking up an answer to a question on Google. So when you’re planning a trip, it’s basically a given that your device will be a helpful (and entertaining) part of the journey. You want to

22 Jul 2015

Top 10 Unusual Afternoon Tea Venues in the UK

No-one does afternoon tea quite like the North West of England. The region has put a variety of fantastic twists on the traditional service. Take a look at the top 10 craziest afternoon tea venues in the North West. 1. 30 James Street – Liverpool 30 James Street – Home

17 Jul 2015

Your Traffic Guide in Rome

Rome has exceptionally heavy traffic on its roads, as it is one of the busiest cities of Europe. There are thus, different public transportation facilities available in the city for the convenience of locals and tourists alike. Most of the transportation vehicles are comfortable, cheap, and easily available. Below, we