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Backpacking in Asia: 4 Tips for Staying Within a Tight Budget

Many people who’ve successfully backpacked around Asia on a budget will tell you that the only real way to learn the ropes is to get out there and throw yourself head-first into the experience. But, whilst trial and error can be the best teacher for travellers, it always helps to get a head-start on the best ways to save money whilst still seeing as much as possible of this amazing continent. If you’re planning an epic trip to Asia and money is most certainly an object, these four tips will help you get the most from your experience whilst keeping the purse-strings tight.


Tip #1. Book Flights in Advance:

Chances are, you’ll need to fly between some destinations to make the most of your Asia trip, particularly if you plan to travel from South to East Asia or vice versa. Whilst you may be able to get around particular countries or even across borders using the trusty public transport systems or hitchhiking if you’re brave enough, be prepared for some unavoidable flights. To avoid any nasty surprises at the check-in desk, book your flights well in advance to take advantage of the best deals. You can book Delhi to Singapore flight tickets at low cost here.

Tip #2. Consider Couchsurfing:

As more and more backpackers take to the continent, people in Asia are offering up space in their homes as a way of making more money. In addition to being able to help local families and the local economy, couchsurfing is great for anybody who wants to experience the best hospitality and community spirit. In both South and East Asia, you’ll find citizens who are more than happy to open up their home to you and become your guide to their home area. The best part is that it usually costs much less than staying in a hotel room or hostel.

Tip #3. Do Your Research:

Backpacking through Asia on a budget is entirely possible, but only if you invest your time into conducting thorough research beforehand. For example, you will want to research things such as public transport and attraction prices, any common tourist scams in the areas that you visit, and the best places to find cheap, tasty food. Taking the time to research a destination before you visit it can make all the difference when it comes to saving money.

Tip #4. Go with a Group:

Even if you’re considering traveling to Asia solo, there’s nothing stopping you from grouping up with other travellers once you’re there. Today, you can find travel buddies online, or simply check into a hostel and spend some time at the bar or common area to socialise and meet with like-minded people who’re happy to accompany you for all or part of your trip. This is a great way to meet new friends for life and travelling with others has many financial benefits that you can enjoy at the same time.

Hopefully, these tips have provided you with some great ideas for saving money when backpacking around Asia. If you’d like to suggest any tips of your own, feel free to add them in the comments!

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