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Bahrain is known as the Middle East’s “Jewel”

Bahrain is a country known for its spices and traditions, and it is strategically located in the Arabian Peninsula. Bahrain is today known as a significant oil-producing country, but do you know what the country’s primary source of revenue was in the past? The nation was famed for its beautiful pearls, which were sent all over the world through its ports.

Oil depletion is gradually occurring, thus two key industries have received enormous investment in Bahrain in order to keep the economy thriving. The banking and tourism industries are examples of this. Bahrain’s government has been attempting to market the country as a major tourist destination, and it appears to be succeeding. Recently, Bahrain has experienced a surge in visitor traffic. The age-old heritage structures scattered around the country will enchant those who value art and culture.

Not only that, but going across Bahrain is also a culinary adventure. Irani, Iraqi, and Indian culinary techniques had a strong effect on Bahraini food. This nation is known for its abundance of seafood and rice-based cuisine. Mixed rice Magbous, sweet and savoury rice Mahamar, and the classic Bahraini biryani made with native spices are just a few of the famous rice dishes. Overall, a vacation to Bahrain will broaden your cultural horizons.

Before You Visit Bahrain

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering a trip to Bahrain from India:

• Indians who do not have a valid Residency Visa are unable to go to Bahrain. In addition, you must have a valid Indian passport.

• Bahraini nationals and residents are free to travel between India and Bahrain.

• An RT-PCR test that is negative is necessary. It’s important to note that the test results should be available within 48 hours of landing.

• All Indian nationals would be subjected to a mandatory quarantine. If your on-site Covid test is negative, however, it is not essential.

• When you arrive in Bahrain, you must complete a Health Declaration Form and hand it over.

Top Bahrain Attractions

The cultural city of Manama

At first glance, Manama might be mistaken for any other glittering Middle Eastern metropolis. However, scratching the surface reveals a city rich in history and culture behind all the flash and splendour of Corniche-Al-Fateh.

Traditional stores, often known as souks, sell unique spices, rugs, and beautiful pearls. The Bahrain National Museum is a must-see for history buffs. You’ll witness how the Portuguese and Persian invasions in ancient times greatly affected the city’s culture.

Manama - Bahrain in 2021 | Manama bahrain, Manama, Kingdom of bahrain

Manama is studded with swanky retail complexes if you want to go clothing shopping. Tourists may enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to the abundance of luxury resorts along the Gulf Coast. There are numerous locations to visit in Bahrain at night, without a doubt.

Traditional Bazaars of Riffa

Riffa, a city with old-world attractions, is centrally positioned in Bahrain. Visit the well-known Riffa fort, which has crenulated bulwarks and mediaeval courtrooms. Wander through authentic Arabic bazaars’ meandering alleyways. The little pearl trinkets will definitely grab your attention! Traditional bazaars are ideal for picking up some regional spices. This city is an ideal blend of contemporary and old customs. Riffa’s plethora of golf courses is also a significant characteristic. For golfers, it’s a golfer’s dream!

The 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Bahrain

Go big or go home at Juffair

If you’re looking for places to visit in Juffair, Bahrain, you’ve come to the right spot. The city of Jaffair is a must-see for anybody interested in Middle Eastern splendour. High-end luxury flats and white-washed skyscraper structures abound throughout the city. A quick glance at the beaches reveals millionaire boats moored on private jetties! Long expanses of sandy beach and crystal blue seas are guaranteed to get you in the mood for a holiday. Here you may live the high life to the fullest.

Bahrain Tech Week is all set to go bigger and better, says EDB | StartUp  Bahrain

Muharraq, the traditional capital of Bahrain

Muharraq was a key site of commerce with the Greeks and was an important centre for ancient Arabic culture. During the Dilman civilisation, it is thought that a plethora of Greek trade routes contributed to the region’s prosperity. Muharraq, Bahrain’s ancient capital, is also home to the Bahrain International Airport. Muharraq will lead you to the roots, in addition to being a significant transit hub.

Do you know that Muharraq has a historic souk area with cafés serving hookah pipes and mint tea? While wandering around the local bazaar, feel free to pick up some souvenirs. Another interesting fact is that the Muharraq football squad is Bahrain’s best.

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Hawar Islands

The Hawar Islands, located on the island’s southernmost point, are a birdwatcher’s and wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true! This area of the island is just next to Qatar. The uncommon and endangered Socotra cormorant may often be seen wandering around the shorelines of Bahrain’s Hawar Islands, which is one of the country’s driest locations. An Arabian oryx can be seen once in a blue moon.

MEED | Hawar Islands contract awarded

Isa Town

Whitewashed exotic mansions and luxurious flats abound in Isa Town. The city’s culture is highly vibrant. Take a stroll around the markets, which are constantly buzzing with activity. Traditional Bahraini textiles and handicrafts may be seen at the market stalls. At the neighbourhood cafe, mingle with the locals while sipping a warm cup of mint tea. The Bahrain National Stadium, the country’s largest football facility, is also located in Isa Town. On a matchday, you’ll be able to watch the football craze in full swing!

Area 802 in Isa Town Bahrain |


If you want to come back to Bahrain later, seek for Bahrain Tour Packages that include at least some of these local sights. You may also book flights and hotels in Bahrain from the comfort of your own home. Simply take out your phone and install the EaseMyTrip app. For your next trip to Bahrain, take advantage of price decreases and great discounts.

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