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There is such a old place that you can hear your own stories of a society which is a combination of myths, traditions and folklore. Welcome to Bali, one of the most beautiful islands on earth, Bali is not for any purpose a tourist paradise. The island has vast expanses of pure blue seas and a landscape that combines temple pagodas with rocks and an active volcano!

Jatiluwih Rice Fields

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Such rice fields are perfect if you want a break from Bali’s most touristic areas. Choose a motorcycle and enter the winding roads in the direction of rice fields of Jatiluwih; wind your hair on a tour of the most beautiful site in Bali. It’s so deep in green that you’re oblivious to it. This is a fascinating getaway which offers an insight into one of the oldest irrigation system in the world and deep solitude and harmony with nature.

Tanah Lot Temple

Pura Tanah Lot, you would love an ancient temple if you were in Bali to try mysticism! A number of religious ceremonies and practices take place in this cliff top shrine. This is where the Balinese can often be found lost in meditation, profoundly meditated, or participating in intricate rituals of giving. You may be an atheist, but in Bali you can’t help but hit faith.

Kuta Beach

“Hark, now the seafarers are screaming, dreaming of the sea and hearing the clouds are going into the divine…’ As he composed these words, Morrison should have spoken about the seawater swellen on the shore of Kuta. That is what Bali’s beaches can do to you; render you an author, artist or life optimist. Here once you find it difficult, because they are also beautiful, to choose a sunrise from a sunset. Remember to take your phone with you.

Surfing in Bali

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When you think it is time to stop to enjoy sunset and temple hopping on Bali, grab a boat of sailing and go to the open sea. Enjoy several hours of high energy play on the sparkle blue seas under the sea. The waves in Bali are perfect for surfing as you can see swimming, walking up and down in the water, miles ahead. You’re game? Are you?

Mount Agung

Size can have its benefits for an active volcano. The hike up is as exciting as the views above, when the volcano is situated on a tropical island. The highest point in Bali is Mount Agung and its top brings you a spectacular panorama of the island on every foot. The signs on this island are vast areas of tropical forests and a diverse biodiversity.

Seafood in Bali

Bring your taste buds on the seafood date in Bali, because the cuisine is crazy here. Don’t count calories; just let those heady tastes assault you. Time to throw yourself into sumptuous strips of jumbo chocolate, red snapper, diver fired, barbecue and more. Bali’s seafood could be a lifelong affair; fall into lust.

Elephant Cave or the Goa Gajah

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If the past of Bali has attracted your attention, you can not miss visiting the Elephant Cave. It was once a healing spot, and is now a major tourist attraction, a centuries-old building. Go into a long time for a sneak peek. The old walls are covered with the soot of incense bars that have collected over the years and that make you understand the true significance of the term — ancient.

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