Beaches and Seaside Towns of Calabria

The Ionian side has cooler waters than the coast of Tyrrhenia with stunning cliffs and beaches. The Ionian Coast is less defined and populated still than its equivalent from Tyrrhenia. Including the magnificent Castello Aragonese, a castle of Aragon used to avoid Ottoman Turkish assaults, the Ionian provides numerous historical and archeological treatments.

Review these hints for going to the beach in Italy before moving to the Italian coast. Above all, please ensure the sunscreen is supplied as the sun may Brutal Mezzogiorno!


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The magnificent cliffs of Scilla, according to Homer’s The Odyssey, is host to the six-headed sea monster Scylla, who frightened ships sailing by. Regional legend claims that juniors still reside on the banks of the Aeolian islands. Scilla includes a castle from the 17th century, Castello Ruffo above the beaches, a church with a prominent altar to Christ, and the 14 bronze sculptures.

Praia a Mare

Pebbled beaches are the main attractions of this lovely seaside town, and Dino Island, UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to its extensive underwater cellars. Praia a Mare is the ideal location for watersports lovers who want to spend their days in the local national park paths through going scuba diving and parasailing. Nonetheless, the sandy beaches offer free public and private lidos where you can hire sun umbrellas and sun loungers for those who want to chill with good summer reading with a cold drink at your fingertips.


The coastal city of Soverato is a center of development situated in the Gulf of Squillace. It is very crowded with tourists during the summer, with many of the qualities of a modern city, but due to its wide, white sandy beaches with colorful fishing boats and a plethora of beach clubs, it can accommodate crowds with ease.


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Through Reggio Calabria to the cliffs of Isola di Capo Rizzuto passes a very long route through Siderno’s shore of pebble and sand. It provides a lush stroll along the water’s bank with plenty of green spaces, and dry, crystalline river ideal to swim and catch. The protected town, which dates back to the eighth and sixth centuries BC, was considered a Greek settlement and draws tourists from all parts of the world. It is abundant with both public and private beaches.


Gerace is one of the best-preserved in all of Italy for those who enjoy medieval villages. The Locri refugees (the major stop for those who love archeological digs) were reputed to have established in the 9th century to avoid the omnivorous threat of attacking Saracens. The Gerace Cathedral is still the largest of its kind in Calabria, and its three hills are distinguished from the initial Byzantines of the Locri system by two rows of thirteen columns.


The magnificent Cattolica is situated on the edge of a hill, Stilo. The Byzantine building, which was built in the 10th century and contains 5 dome-covered tiles. The area is also inspired by medieval and baroque architecture but it is the beach that draws tourists during summertime. The sandy beaches are long and only minutes away from the city center.


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The town of Badolato is founded by Robert Guiscard in the 11th century. The town facing the Ionian Sea is still surrounded by many of the security stone walls. There are 13 independent churches in Badolato, but only one church is available all throughout the year.

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