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Incredible beaches in Bangkok you must check out

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. The city is well developed in technologies and it is well equipped with modern facilities. Bangkok has been one of the favorite tourist destinations all over the world. Rapid growth in the economy of Bangkok is another reason for being a tourist destination. The place is also famous for some unique culture and festivals. Apart from the economic growth and development, one must not miss to check out the best beaches in Bangkok.

best beaches in Bangkok

best beaches in Bangkok

This was a short description of Bangkok; now let’s move on to check the best beaches in Bangkok.

Check out the list of some best beaches in Bangkok

  • Koh Samet- Koh Samet is actually an island, part of this island is hilly and some parts are developed as a national park. This beach is quite different from other beaches of Bangkok. Peace and calm environment of the beach make it the best place to enjoy your own company. For those who wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily life then they must visit this place, the calmness of the place will stun and relaxed.
  • Cha-am– cha- am is among the most visit beach in Bangkok. The crystal clear and cold water of the beach is a perfect combination for sunbath and swimming. There are other activities performed on the beach which creates a lovely environment. Spending your time here will be fun.
  • Koh Laan– it is a small beach of the Pattaya coast. The beach is one of the best spots for lovers. Late afternoon or early evening time is the best time to visit the place. One can enjoy boating, swimming, and sunbath here. It is among the best beaches in Bangkok.
  • Koh chang-one must add Koh Chang beach in their visit list of Bangkok, apart from being the best beach in Bangkok, it is also one of the oldest beaches of Bangkok. It is the best spot for party lover, one can enjoy the music and the dance after sunset to sunrise. Best resorts at an affordable price are available beside the beaches. It is the best place to enjoy your holiday.
  • Pranburi- Pranburi beach is said to be one of the cleanest beaches of Bangkok. The morning sunrise and the evening sunset from the beach is stunning and it is the best example from the diary of nature’s beauty. It is among the best beaches in Bangkok and also the best place to create the best memories.

Some other beaches of Bangkok that one can visit

  • Ko Lanta
  • Ko Lipe
  • Hua Hin
  • Ko Mak
  • Ko Larn

Bangkok is rich with beaches and tourist spots. If you are planning an international tour then you must add Bangkok to your list. The culture, festivals, development, facilities etc of the city is perfect. It is a matter of pride that 20% GDP of Thailand is maintained from tourists. If you ever plan to visit this place then don’t miss to visit the best beaches in Bangkok.

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