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Best Family Beach Vacations on the East Coast

Plan your family weekend by spending on these wonderful beaches on East Coast where you can relax with ocean views and let your children have a great fun with you. Here are the best East Coast beaches.

Newport, Rhode Island


Newport remains a popular holiday Vacations any time of year. Newport is well known for its annual music festivals, has a lot more to enjoy fantastic jazz and music. The person who enjoy nature is perfect place for enjoying with his family. The town shows its history with a variety of museums and tours, it also has a dynamic, contemporary side, made show in particular shops and incredible restaurants. For family with fun, Easton Beach offers open doors for various water sports, a skate park, occasional free shows, a kids play area, and numerous other shoreline arranged activities.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


A wonderful island, Cape Cod gloats miles of sandy beaches, and it is also a nature lovers with its marshlands, forest, and freshwater lakes. A visit to Cape Cod can mean lying on the beach. Shopping and dining are two of the most loved side visitors.  Try not to miss Woods Hole Oceanquest, celebrated around the world Martha’s Vineyard or charmingly energetic Province town.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina



Myrtle Beach is Known for its excellent resorts and 60 miles of perfect waterfront, Myrtle Beach has  a huge number of guests from everywhere throughout the world consistently. Different types of family-accommodating fun in Myrtle Beach and visiting historic ships, taking a privateer voyage. When you have decided on your place to call home, create unforgettable memories in this waterfront heaven, this is suitable for family vacation.

Ocean City, Maryland


Ocean City, Maryland is among America’s best places for a family vacation. The beach gives a lot of space to fun on land and in the water. Some family top choices include  movie nights on the beach, the Family Beach Olympics competition, beach volleyball, and parades and special functions that happen throughout the year.The family enjoy endless fun and kids are in love with watersides, bumper boats and this place is perfect for rainy days.

Block Island, Rhode Island


Block island is a small island which takes you to the beauty of nature.More than 40% of Block Island stays undeveloped, and those parts that are developed provide an extremely laid-back, easy-going vacation destination. The best way  to visit Block Island depends upon the visitor. Rent a bicycle, car or jump in a taxi, or view your surroundings or go by walk. If you are searching for something to do there is something for everybody. You can play tennis, ball; do fishing, or relax in the beach. It makes you free from all tension.

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