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Best Places to Travel in 2021

The world has already stepped into the ninth month of the year and needless to say, these past few months have been an eye-opener in various ways. With the pandemic still looming large, people were forced to let go of their comfort zones and accept the ‘new normal’. All of a sudden, terms like ‘social distancing’, ‘mask’ and ‘sanitizers’ became a constant part of everybody’s life as these are the only ways in which people can keep the virus at bay.

Although it is still quite early to jump to conclusions, there is absolutely no harm in hoping for a future where everything will be back to its natural order. For example, planning travel in 2021 will no longer require much thinking and travel-enthusiasts will again be able to tick places off their list of destinations.

Mentioned below is a list of Best Places to Travel in 2021 when the world is in a much better place:

Peru, South America

Peru is one of the most talked-about, yet less-discovered destinations in the world.Located in South America, this country is filled with attractions to the brim, each of which deserves equal attention. Starting with the very famous citadel Machu Pichu to Chan Chan, which is the biggest pre-Columbian era ruins to exist in the whole of America, Peru is set to keep you on your toes. This is the best place to be if one wants to unleash the traveller in them as this place has something for everyone.

New Zealand, Oceania

This beautiful country full of nature’s bounty should be on top of every travel-enthusiasts list of places to travel in 2021. A neighbour to Australia, New Zealand offers a variety of natural beauty in the form of hills, glaciers and mountain ranges. While travelling here, visiting Abel Tasman is a must. The beaches are absolutely breathtaking and it is a perfect place to go hiking for its pleasant climate and greenery.

Poland, Europe

Tucked away in the central part of Europe, the Republic of Poland is full of surprises for everyone who visits. It is a destination which is home to many museums, art galleries and the local cuisine here is absolutely lip-smacking. A perfect combination of art and adventure, this country will provide with all the thrill and adventure that someone is seeking and help create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Aruba, South America

Just like the name, Aruba is an island which is unique and mesmerising at the same time. It is a place which is capable of breathing life into souls with its vibrant and colourful environment. This is the ideal place if one needs to unwind and rejuvenate as a relief from the regular, exhausting lives that people have now embraced. Once someone visits this place, they are surely going to get their senses filled with its sheer beauty.

Turkey, Asia, and Europe

This country always gives out a strong reminder of its cultural and historical abundance through its monuments and. It is a perfect blend of traditional and modern charms with interesting things for the tourists do engage in. On one hand, there are water adventure sports along with other activities, whereas, on the other, there are a plethora of options that will give the traveller a perfect view into the 25000 years old civilization. Also, do not forget to try their Turkish coffee.

The burning question still remains on the minds of people: when will things go back to normal? Well, as it is a known fact, nothing lasts forever, hence everyone should remain hopeful and wish for everything to fall into place. Do keep a positive attitude and start planning to visit these aforementioned places ahead of time so that the entire trip is peaceful and free of hassle. These places are surely going to strike a chord with the visitor and make them fall in love with them even more. Bon Voyage!

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Kishar Ahmed N

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