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Travelling is very simple and it’s time for you to start preparing for your wednesday in the evenings, your week, or even your Christian day in the summer of 2020. Here is my list of 31 best holidays in the world. Here is my list.

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened its doors for the first time in its history to international tourists, empowering 49 people to experience its rich history and culture.

Tour places, including Jeddah and Riyadh, stand on the edge of the earth, wander the mountains, appreciate Made’in rock formations, go red sea fishing, this combination of historical and contemporary luxuries provides so many things to see and do.

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You can apply for a visa for the visitor electronically or on arrival for about $120 (you can also receive multiple entry visas up to a maximum of 3 months), which will be valid for 1 month.

Regulations on clothing codes are also relaxed, but be sure to get familiar with the laws and the label.

Best time to visit: October-Cooler temperatures and fewer crowds in early March.

La Paz

South America is the ultimate destination for tourists, full of journeys and the world’s most amazing views.

The highest city in the world has a magnificent view of Illimani (above), insane carnivals and the most impressive forms of public transport you can ever find. La Paz is no exception.

It is also a gateway to the rest of the continent, from there you can easily walk to Macchu Picchu, Quito, Salar de Uyuni, and Lima.

Getting almost 12,000 feet can make you feel a little tired. Take care during the first few days and don’t work out.

Safety is also something that concerns people when visiting South America, but most countries are actually very secure for tourists whose crime is related to ATMs, so make sure that you have your cash in hand in advance and keep an eye on it when you withdraw.

Best time to visit: Sometime during January-March in order to avoid rainy weather,


Where is Tallinn? Where is Tallinn? I hear you say that. I hear you say. Europe’s best-kept secret isn’t on many travel lists, but this stunning, budget-friendly city I can’t help but share.

You won’t regret it if you ever get an opportunity to visit Estonia, DO IT. Take back a few hundred years and discover the paved streets of the Old Town and the history of the region.

Hang yourself out in Harjumägi or in another park overlooking the area, while you are absorbed in some fresh local street food. Start the evening and party in a bar of your choosing in a cozy, candlelight venue.

Best time to visit: May-September is just as good for a warmer season, but also in the snow.

Faroe Islands

Even when you get there, you’ll struggle to accept this place exists. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 islands between Scotland and Iceland that take you back to the Jurassic period.

With some of the most beautiful scenery and amazing views, you would certainly be worth a ride, just travel to Copenhagen to Vágar.

A vehicle is a must here, even if there is a huge amount of public transport and without one it is feasible, it is not the most popular so that all four Faroese corners have a great deal more freedom to explore.

The beauty of the Faroe Islands is that while you go, your route can be easily adapted according to the weather, with a two-hour drive end-to-end and ferries during the day.

Best time to visit: “Cool summers and mild winters”,

The averages of 13/14 ° C, but the wintertime, are about 6/7 ° C between June and September. June and September.

In that respect, my only advice is to always dress for all conditions as the environment will change their minds quickly.


Mongolia has a rich culture that better enjoyed in the special road trip, just get on a rental and travel. a big country that only very few people decide on a holiday.

You’re going to see the best in the country, but be cautious, the roads are not well built and navigation is restricted.

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You can always join a tour if you don’t like it. Tours include many regions, like the southern country, where the Gobi desert can be reached or the west. The old tradition of eagle hunting can be found.

Best time to visit:  From June to August. The summer temperatures hit 40 ° C+ and winter nights-55 ° C. The temperature is exceptionally constant.

The Rockies

You undoubtedly noticed Lake Louise’s postcard angle, it’s one of the world’s most amazing views.

A walk through the Canadian rocks is a must if you’ve got any weeks to spare. Trek around Banff’s National Park, appreciate the clean waters with your kayaks, see the moose or navigate the rocky mountaineer.

It really is a one-time journey and I would recommend it to everyone, but make an advance booking for accommodation because it’s quickly snapped up. It is also a journey that can be made by public transportation but the freedom to rent a car will make your life easier.

Best time to visit: The best weather for best views is June-September, but the winter makes superb skiing.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a not always heard destination, but there is so much to come in this ecologically rich paradise.

The rainforests are full of beautiful species, such as sloths, toucans, and Arabians, with only 6 percent of its habitats occupying 0.03 percent of the surface area of the Planet.

The impressive waterfalls and volcanoes make the early morning enjoyable. Go to Arenal, from the hilly bridges to an incredible view of the wilderness, Or to Uvita, to find a bumper shark. All year long, the weather is perfect even if the temperature is too heavy.

Best time to visit: December-April is the dry season with lots of suns and no rain and peak tourism, while the heat, cooler temperatures, and peaceful beaches are provided from May to November.

The Dolomites

The next one will be your next vacation year-round choice.

In my view, the Dolomites are Europe’s most beautiful area, with a mountain range of sweeping valleys and gems such as the Lago Di Braies.

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The book stays in equally wonderful hotels or you can enjoy the numerous mountain huts for those wanting to go on a multiple-day walk, such as algae.

Join the Archeological Museum of South Tyrol in order to see Otzi, the iceman, or accessible museum commemorating a lesser-known but also horrific World War I war. Eventually, finish every day at the fine dining establishment like the three St Hubertus Michelin starred restaurant.

Best time to visit: The greatest temperatures and the best views can be seen in summer and winter, but less crowds and lower prices can be seen in spring and autumn.

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