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The love of some romantic getaways with your friend. From finding a secret water kingdom together to walk down a path filled with wildflowers, returning to tribal camps to sit on the edge of the cliff, there are many encounters to be enlivened.

Here are a few of India’s best romantic getaways:

1.Manali… Ideal spot for the honeymoon

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Move into glorious Manali’s enticing environment. It is a hill station in the hills of Himachal Pradesh’s Indian government.
Located near the northern end of the Kullu Plain, this location is surrounded by giant snow-clad mountains at an altitude of 2.050 m in the Beas River Valley..

There are fields full of wild flowers, small picturesque hamlets and fruit-laden orchards surrounded by thick forests.

Many cottages with mountain views and untouched atmosphere make it ideal for a honeymoon, as well as many Manali packages that can give you an eternal experience.

If you and your better half are adventure junkies, then indulge in a multitude of activities as there are many things to do in Manali, from hiking to skiing and even camping in Manali’s magnificent valleys.

2.Alleppey… Visit the boathouse

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Alleppey is God’s own country’s seventh largest city, Kerala. Picturesque canals, backwaters, beaches, lagoons, lush green plantations and peaceful backwaters are given.

Here you are surrounded by the fire of the most appealing panorama of the mother-nature. To really enjoy this place’s elegance, live at the quaint Kerala boathouse which glides peacefully over the clear water providing views of mesmeric paddy fields and hills.

This is a must-visit place for all the lovebirds out there. Around November and February, the perfect time to visit Alleppey.

3.Munnar… Sweet Tea Aroma

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Travel to Munnar’s pleasant hill station. It’s here that you can witness limitless stretches of bright green tea plantations away from the hustle and bustle. The sweet aroma of tea, which wafts in, contributes to the love in the breeze.  Stay in the Devonshire Greens colonial style where you are in harmony with nature.

4.Ooty… A perfect setting for romance

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This resort offers a hypnotic view of the Ooty Valley and the Blue Mountains away from your chaotic city life. Comprising a stretch forest full of eucalyptus and pine trees, Ooty is a romantic getaway to honeymooners looking for a quiet environment.

Popularly known for its outstanding coffee and tea plantations and a good environment all year round. For romantic couples, this place is a pleasant escape.

The trip is taken in a small train to the beautiful views of Ooty. In the middle of a stunning scenery, it is a very romantic sight.

5.Wayanad… Romantic snacks

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Tucked away among hills thickly decorated with trees mushrooms, Wayanad does justice to the word ‘ romantic getaway.’  A spot where humanity is mostly intact, travel here with your loved one. Immerse yourself in the wild forests, subtropical savannahs, high hills and extensive plantations. Live in the town of Banasura Mountain. The hutments are made of mud, bringing you the feeling of being one with nature. The Vythiri hotel, a misty urban forest, is another choice.

6.Kovalam… Extreme delights

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Take a trip to Kovalam Beach City which is an absolute delight with its sparkling waters and swaying palm trees. Once here, you have to live at Leela Kovolam, perched on the edge of the mountain. Hear the birds ‘ sweet sounds and the waves crashing down the ground. Get the panoramic view of the beach, sea and sky from your home.

7. Goa… Two interesting universes

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Sure Goa, because it has two thrilling worlds to deliver. Couples who want to drink will dance away in the trendy locations renowned for their nightlife. You can also enjoy quiet times at Goa’s less crowded beaches at other periods.

Start your day at the beach with breakfast and end it with a romantic candlelight dinner on the shore. You can swim by the pool at the Wilder Nest Nature Resort’s, which seems to merge into the sky and offer great views of valleys and mountains. Another option is a peaceful and private Turtle Bay Resort.

8.Darjeeling… God’s dream

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The misty Darjeeling is a divine view of rolling hills. It is a fascinating place rich in natural beauty; ideal for couples as it provides the perfect setting for the Himalayan backdrop, towering trees and the most famous tea plantations of all.

Darjeeling offers couples to spend some precious moments away from their busy lives in a quaint atmosphere. It offers time to celebrate the beginning of their lives together with the honeymooners.

Discover in the Buddhist monasteries the divinity and pure light. Walk through the tea groves and explore the valleys, the wilderness and the streams that make it an irresistible place.

9.Kochi… Walk around

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Here you can discover with your loved one the quaint and European architecture. Walk along the eclectic street like Princess Street and unravel together the nooks and corners. Retreat for the perfect getaway to the Vaamika Island Resort and fuse seamlessly with the island.

10.Parwanoo… The revitalized

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Rekindle romance in Himachal Pradesh’s picturesque Parwanoo countryside. Get invigorated at the Ayurvedic health spa Moksha Spa Resort. It is situated on the more than 5000 foot in the mighty Himalayan Shivalik Ranges and provides amazing views. Enjoy a nap together and spend time on the balcony which opens up to the breathtaking canyon for a heightened experience.


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