Best Vacation Spots for the Avid Fisherman

Fishing destinations may make you think of beautiful streams, lots of trees and being at one with nature. And although not many people know that they can actually go on fishing vacations, it is seen as more of an alternative holiday. Fishing vacations are available all over the world. From Iceland to New Zealand, you can fish in every country if you so desire! So, if you want to see the world on a budget and want to incorporate your favorite hobby, these vacation spots are the places for you! Just pack your bags, hop on a plane and you’re on your way!


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Midfjardara Lodge, Iceland

Iceland is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, with spectacular glaciers, blue lagoons and plenty of opportunities to see the Northern Lights. One of the best fishing destinations in Iceland, if not the world, is the Midfjardara River, which is rich in Icelandic salmon. You’ll be able to fish by massive glaciers and in a volcanic wonderland. The river stretches 115 km in length and includes white water rapids. This is salmon country and these salmon are wild. Along this historic river, you’ll have four ponds in which to fish. This location opens on the 23rd of June and runs through the whole of September. For the best middle white salmon, the best months to fish are mid July through till the end of August.

Paradise Lodge, Mexico

This lodge sits along the beautiful shores of the Caribbean Ocean, this salt water fishing destination offers up a large selection of exotic saltwater fish and big game fish. It also offers lots of privacy and the chance to experience Mexico away from the crowds of tourists, whilst allowing you to fish in a part of the ocean that isn’t majorly over fished. The lodge is perfect for smaller groups of friends and family that want to experience the relaxing style of Mexico fishing. The fish that are most ready available are the Tarpon, Bonefish and Snook.

Birch Forest Lodge, Minnesota

Birch Forest Lodge is situated on Pelican Lake, Minnesota. This lake is well known for fantastic Bass, Bluegill, Crappie and Northern Pike fish. Within this location, there are over 11,000 acres, 50 islands, and over 54 miles of shoreline; with the amount of space available to you, you will definitely be able to find the perfect and most private northern MN fishing cabins in America. The lake is less than 15 feet deep at its shallowest and only 38 feet at the deepest, and is surrounded by several rock reefs, sandy bottoms and rocky points. If you forget any of your fishing equipment, or are bringing a less avid fisher, there is a small tackle shop at the lodge near where you’ll be staying.

Poronui Lodge, New Zealand

Poronui Lodge, located on New Zealand’s North Island, is set in some secluded wooded mountains. At this location, fisherman look out for wild rainbow trout and brown trout that swim up and down the 16,000-acre private location. You can be housed in the main lodge or one of the seven guest cabins for a little more privacy. You will be fishing in the Taharua River, which is surrounded by gorgeous forests and meadows, you will also be presented with gourmet food that is prepared by professional staff.

There are so many choices for vacation fishing, but these are the most visually outstanding. Plus, you will be able to catch someone of the most interesting, sustainable fish available in the world!

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