23 Jan 2018

Three Holiday Travel Ideas for Everyone

Most of us have a bug inside our heads that keeps itching for elsewhere. Whether we are 9 or 90, affects all of us. A lot of us can go anywhere we please; most places are out of bounds for many. Rough terrain, bad weather, cultural barriers, political unrest or

26 Sep 2017

5 Ways Travel Can Help Keep You Healthy in Your Later Years

If you go by conventional wisdom, lots of things are good for the soul – music, good food, love. And in that category, surely there is a place for travel too, for the unique way it combines adventure, excitement and new experiences which live with you forever.  Sadly, once you

26 Sep 2017


The western U.S. state of Utah is known for its beautiful rugged desert, mountainous landscapes, and breathtaking canyons. Every year thousands of tourists rent one of the luxurious Utah vacation rentals and explore the awe-inspiring desert landscapes and geographical formations that one can experience here. Utah is especially known for

27 Mar 2017

5 Four Wheel Drive Only Road Trips in Australia

If you want to plan a rugged and remote road trip in Australia, we have got you covered! You don’t need a four wheel drive everywhere in Australia, but if you are planning to head to a remote region, then chances are you will need to hire a Budget four

22 Jan 2017

Best Vacation Spots for the Avid Fisherman

Fishing destinations may make you think of beautiful streams, lots of trees and being at one with nature. And although not many people know that they can actually go on fishing vacations, it is seen as more of an alternative holiday. Fishing vacations are available all over the world. From

21 Jan 2017

Top 4 Tips for Your First Transatlantic Cruise

  So, you’ve taken a step towards your first ever transatlantic cruise, but you’re still feeling a little apprehensive about spending six or more days at sea. Some people like to say that when on a transatlantic cruise, it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. However, you aren’t

04 Jan 2017

7 Most Exotic Remote Destinations in the World

Our mysterious world is forever shrinking and often it looks like there is no place to seclude ourselves from it all. But thankfully, there are a few places that the mortal is yet to fully explore.  These spots maintain their magnetism by their virtue of being not easy to reach.

21 Dec 2016

How to get the seasonal ski resort job you want

If you have the freedom to do it, securing a seasonal job at a ski resort can be very tempting. You have the opportunity of working at top class resorts such as Powder Mountain, where you can experience the quality of the resort at unusually affordable prices. Look for opportunities like

08 Sep 2016

Great Places To Explore In Brazil

The tropical land of Carnaval, Samba and Football! And that’s only scratching the surface of all the Brazilian charms. Truth is you would need at least three lifetimes to see everything there is to see in Brazil. But since we know that is not practical, we have compiled this article

06 Sep 2016

Explore Australia’s Cities on a Budget and See More for Less

There is so much to see when you are on holiday in Australia. One of the best ways to see more within your travel budget is by discovering what can be done for free in each city. When you plan to incorporate some of these exciting free activities or destinations