06 Sep 2016

The Golden Pond Way | Jamaica

Traveling And Staying Young At Heart Travel and adventure aren’t just for the young. Staying active as we age is key to enjoying a healthy and productive life. While our old bones might not be up to steep hikes or terrifying heights, travel stimulates the mind and the heart and

03 Jun 2016

Luxury Hotels in the Colorado Mountains

onthesnow.com Colorado is an underrated state. There are excellent restaurants, popular art communities, and a variety of fun and enjoyable activities. But for elite travelers, Colorado is perhaps best known for its skiing. The mountains across Colorado are prime skiing locations, with fresh powder and engaging slopes that make it

08 Feb 2016

Visit England’s Greatest Soccer Stadiums

It’s hard to imagine a sport being as closely tied to a country’s national identity as soccer is to the UK. There’s just not much in world sport that comes close to matching the enthusiasm and tradition behind English soccer (which they of course refer to as football). And that

24 Nov 2015

Five reasons not to forgo travel insurance

Any frequent traveller will tell you how important it is to ensure you are fully prepared for an upcoming trip, especially making sure you have taken out suitable travel insurance. Whether you’re travelling alone or with the family in tow, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Skipping taking out

15 Nov 2015

Historical Archive Looks at the Struggles of the LGBT Community in 1944

Though it may be difficult to comprehend now, there was a time when being ‘out’ was virtually unheard of. Many in the LGBT community were forced to lead dual lives for fear of retaliation for simply being themselves, which in many cases led to tragedy. It was not always sure

28 Aug 2015

5 Amazing Destinations off the Beaten Path

Sometimes, it is just good to get away – to try something new and experience a culture, style of living, or location that is nothing like what you have ever experienced before. You and your friends have probably all considered traveling to areas like Paris, Athens, and Puerto Vallarta. But

28 Jun 2015

Things to Do at the Queit and Upscale Neighborhood of Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in New York, oft termed ‘The Other East Side’, is an ideal destination for people who want to enjoy luxury and entertainment at its best. The area is packed with many hotels, boutiques, and classic restaurants. If you are an art enthusiast,

26 Jun 2015

How to Ensure You Get Some Proper ‘Honeymoon Time’ On Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be a wonderful experience that you and your partner will remember for a lifetime. It allows you to get married in a beautiful location, for example a sun-drenched tropical beach, you can pretty much choose the weather you want for the big day if you choose

26 Jun 2015

British Holiday Makers Unfairly Reserve Poolside Sun Loungers on Holiday

A recent online survey by Sunshine showed that British holiday makers were the worst unfairly reserving poolside sun loungers. The same survey had been performed in 2012, when British people took fourth, rather than first place in this behaviour. A UK based online travel agency, Sunshine.co.uk, regularly looks into the

25 Jun 2015

My Favourite fone is Myzenfone2 made travel easy

Smartphones have become the digital hub of our life. Today, we depend on our phone for almost anything and everything. Be it storing files, listening to songs, transferring data or staying in touch with our loved ones, we need our phone because we heavily depend on it. This dependency is