Effective ways to manage a commercial Property

Managing commercial property involves lots of efforts and keeps on continuing with lots of steps involved in it. For Housing and other complexes managing property includes collection of rent, maintaining the surrounding and utilities provided to tenants whereas for commercial property it includes preparation of rental and lease agreements, maintaining interior and exterior of a building, collecting rent etc. Taking care of the commercial property is a more cumbersome job in comparison to maintenance of residential places and it brings in a lot of responsibility on the heads of a manager. Various aspects have to be taken care of, considering this we have bought forward some ways through which the property can be managed effectively.


Signing agreement

At the time of signing of contract adequate care should be given on the points one is agreeing to. Moreover in such situations it is better to lookup the professionals who can guide an investor or manager about the property and if such agreement lies in favor of the manager. Their expertise will thus save a person from various difficult situations and shall make things a lot easy. Moreover a lot of time can be saved by just involving a professional into the task.

Rent collection should be timely

The manager should give strict instructions about timely payment of rent. Both incentives and payments should be levied on the tenants, i.e. on payments before due date tenants should be given incentives whereas at times of delay the tenants should be forced to pay penalty.


It is social responsibility of every person to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at the place one lives or works. In this case manager can issue instructions to the tenants to keep the premises neat and clean. However if any tenant fails to do so or creates a mess at a place then he should be charged for the same. Creating dirty surroundings may also discourage other tenants from living at the place or may also take prospective customers away from the property. This may even lead to fall in prices of the property, thus cleanliness should be given due consideration by the manager of the property.

Hire personnel

Adequate personnel should be hired who will be responsible to look after maintaining and repairing the property. There are various tasks to do at a property which includes window cleaning, removing trash from the premise and supervising the property on regular basis. All of these tasks will thus be dealt by personnel appointed and manager need not have to bother much about it. However not doing all of this may make the property look less attractive and appealing to the customers.

Conduct research

It is always good to conduct research of the property as it can really improve value of your property. Research shall include researching the market or local economic conditions.

Resolve disputes

If any kind of dispute is there on the property, then the first and foremost duty of the manager is to resolve it. However if things are not favourable and seems too difficult to handle, then it is best to consult legal advisors who can give correct solutions for resolution of the disputes.

Feedback from tenants

To ensure that property is well managed, the best thing to do is take feedback from existing tenants and customers. Comments are helpful to make improvements if any lacking in the property and appreciating comments are really helpful for boosting up the confidence of managers.

The above mentioned steps should thus be taken by a manger to make sure that commercial property is well managed and also keeps up in the good books of prospective buyers and customers.

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