Engage in a Tete-a-Tete with Hanoi: the Capital City of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the oldest and most populous countries in Southeast Asia, sharing borders with China, Cambodia, and Laos. It has been inhabited since the Paleolithic Age and it is now also one of the rapidly growing countries in the world. Vietnam is a perfect blend of history and urbanization as many colonial landmarks stand strong even today amidst modern high-rises.

Ceremonies and festivals dating back to historical periods are still celebrated in Buddhist pagodas (temples). On the urban side of things, what attracts tourists are the high-end retreats and sandy beaches that are perfect for a quick getaway. The capital city of Hanoi is where the heart of the country lies. It is one of the most important urban centers and is situated on the banks of the Red River. This bustling French-colonial city is popular for its lip-smacking delicacies, handicrafts, nightlife, and a diverse community.

While creating your to-do list Hanoi the city, there are some things that definitely should not be missed out on. Here is a list of the things to do and  tourist attractions in the city of Hanoi:

The Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature is a highly popular site to explore, especially for those who take a keen interest in traditional architecture. It is basically a place with an old-world charm which attracts tourists, regardless of their knowledge in architecture or history. Built in the year 1070, this temple was dedicated to the Chinese philosopher Confucius. After that, it was converted into a university for Mandarin students.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

This renowned water puppet theatre is based on an art form that dates back to the 11th century. It was when rice fields would be flooded and the villagers would stand in waist-deep water to perform with puppets. This was their mode of entertainment and it helped them take their minds off the submerged paddy fields. The puppeteers hide behind a screen and use large rods to support the puppets.

Perfume Pagoda

Visiting the Perfume Pagoda is a great way to establish a more intimate bond with the city. It is a complex of Buddhist temples which is believed to have been built in the 15th century. The complex is situated along the mountain of Houng Tich, among which the most significant temple is that of Chua Trong. This particular temple can be found inside a cave and wooden boats are the only transportation to and from here.

Ba Vi National Park

This national park is located at a distance of almost 60 km from Hanoi and is a hub of natural beauty. It is a perfect place for hikers and it provides a calmness in contrast to the busy life of the city. It also has a natural hot spring and one of its tallest mountains is an 11th-century old temple that offers stunning views from its height. This place also has a diverse range of animal and plant species and should definitely be visited during your Vietnam travel.

Hanoi Old Quarter

To make the stay at Hanoi more memorable, one needs to stay at the Old Quarter to know the city better. This place offers an array of colonial architecture and a multitude of vehicles moving around the streets such as scooters, bicycles and so on. Here, small-scale shops sell flavorful Vietnamese food whereas traders make their living by selling fruits and other things. In order to have a great experience, it is recommended to explore this area on foot.

Hanoi is a delightful place and deserves a long visit which will allow travelers to make the most of their stay. It is a city full of old-world charms that are rarely found in today’s world. From historical places to a vibrant nightlife, this city has the capability to provide a great experience. Numerous attractions are waiting to be discovered and once in Hanoi, time becomes immeasurable. So, choose Hanoi as the ultimate travel destination and experience its beauty in real-time.

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