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Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is a modern beauty that has a wide breadth of interesting places to visit and enjoy. The gorgeous stones, obtained from the South Australian mines, have made Adelaide the leader of the world’s opal industry. There are many adventurous and exciting places to visit in this lovely city. It would be better to know about some of them in advance.

South Australian Museum

This is the most popular and a frequently visited museum in Australia. It has many galleries like the South Australian Biodiversity Gallery, Pacific Cultures Gallery and the Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery which display some interesting collections. This museum pioneers in Australian Aboriginal heritage and in scientific research. Hence a tour to this museum can be both informative and entertaining.


North Terrace

This is one of the most busiest places in the entire South Australia. It has many historically important buildings like an old church that was built in 1838, the Ayers house constructed during the colonial era and the Adelaide Casino which is present in a railway station that was restored in the 1920s.

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Adelaide Botanic Garden is definitely the most interesting places of all the outdoor spots in the city. You can arrive here by heading to the East Terrace from the North Terrace. There is no charge for entrance and so you can pass through the old gates without paying any money at all. As you walk through the garden, you will find a small lake besides which there will be a kiosk and a restaurant.


To the right of this kiosk, you will find a coffee shop, a gift shop and an attractive old building which houses botanical specimens. On the right, there is an interesting iron and glass structure which was imported from the housing plants in Germany. If you head straight from the kiosk, you will find the rear entrance of the garden which is pretty close to the Adelaide Zoo.

The other interesting places in this garden include a Wine Centre and an atmospherically controlled tropical plant building .This tropical plant building contains a variety of plants and you need to pay an entrance fees for visiting this building.

So, if you are looking for an outdoor spot to spend some time with your loved ones or alone, then this serene garden is the ideal place.

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is not just any ordinary zoo. It is the home to all the friendly species of wild animals found in Australia. This is a petting zoo in which the animals are trained to not attack when they are touched. Hence the people who visit this zoo can have great fun petting the animals here, especially kids. You can find all types of wild animals here from the cute little Koalas to the giant Pandas. This zoo would surely provide great fun and entertainment to people of all age groups. It is located in a very natural atmosphere which makes it even more enjoyable. An entrance fee has to be paid to visit this zoo.

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The places described above are just a few of the many interesting places in Adelaide. There are abundant number of tourist spots to visit and enjoy here in Adelaide. So plan your trip, prepare your itinerary and enjoy a visit to Adelaide.

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