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Exploring the Flower Gardens in India

India with its vast collection of exotic flora and fauna is home to some of the most amazing flower gardens you would find in the world. The wide spread flower gardens in India owe their splendor and opulence to the yesteryears Kings and Dynasties that ruled India. The Royal families patronized gardening and developed awe inspiring floral gardens across the length and breadth of the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari there is no shortage of beautiful flower and botanical gardens that is sure to thrill you visual senses. Some of these gardens are also a fine specimen of the architectural brilliance of the Mughals.

Each flower garden has a different blooming period and it is best advised to plan your trip to these gardens during the blooming season. Since these gardens attract a huge number of tourists from all over India and abroad make sure that you make your travel arrangements well in advance. If you prefer travelling by bus over train, you can get your booking from Abhibus. This booking service lets you book tickets online to almost all parts across India. Before you booking your tickets it is advised that look for Abhibus coupons, which are a great way to save money on your tickets. The money saved can be used for your travel expenses.

Some of the best Flower Garden in India are:
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Botanical Garden – Ooty

Built in 1847, this beautiful botanical garden is sprawls over 55 acres of land and houses more than 2000 varieties of trees and plants. The garden is taken care and preserved by the Horticulture Department of Tamil Nadu Government. The garden is known for its wide variety of roses and rare flowering shrubs that you may not find elsewhere. The garden comes to life during its blossoming season in May. Summer Festival is held during this time and the garden sees a huge influx of tourists. The major attraction of the festival is the Flower Show. The major tourist attraction is the Fossil tree trunk, which is believed to be 20 billion years old.

Pinjore Garden – Chandigarh
This sprawling garden, which is also known as Yadavindra Gardens is spread over 100 acres of land. The garden has mythological significance too; legend has it that the ‘Pandava’ brothers visited the garden during their time in exile. A popular tourist attraction and a favourite picnic spot for the locals, the garden has various attractions within in including mini zoo, Japanese garden and several lawns. The garden looks the best at night when it is illuminated with colourful lights and the fountains only add to the theatre. The best time to visit the garden is during April while the entire city is in the festivity mood.

Gulab Bagh – Udaipur
Built in 1850 by the then Maharaja of Udaipur, Maharana Sajjan Singh it is largest garden in Rajasthan. The garden is famous for its copious varieties of roses. The Garden got its name due to the abundance of Rose flowers. Located on the banks of Pichola lake, the garden is home to some of the exotic species of roses that are very rare to find in rest of India. For kids’ entertainment, the garden has a train that goes around the garden; it is also home to a zoo that has several wild animals and birds.


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