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Fantastic Destinations in Central and South America

South America and Central America are such large continents. When you are planning a trip to either, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly where you want to go. There are just so many countries to choose from! So it’s a good idea to take your time and really think about where you would like to go. There are many factors to consider: cost, location, and the type of holiday you want. To try and make the all important decision easier for you, here are some of Central and South America’s fantastic destinations.

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Argentina is such a vast country. In fact, it’s the eighth largest in the world! Buenos Aires is the most popular city for travelers in the country. It is very cosmopolitan and even feels slightly European. It is the perfect location for travelers with plenty of energy and those who want to party into the small hours. There are also many places of natural beauty in the country. Iguaza Falls are huge waterfalls on the country’s borders with Brazil, and definitely shouldn’t be missed on a trip to the country!


Sports fans should certainly consider a trip to South America. The 2016 Rio Olympics are coming up in a couple of months, so now is an excellent time to book your tickets to Brazil. The country’s Atlantic coastline is a favorite with beach-lovers. Brazil’s temperatures may be hot, but they never hit the extremes we may sometimes associate with the country. This makes it a great family holiday, as the kids won’t be complaining about being too hot. If you stay in Rio de Janeiro, don’t forget to visit the huge Christ the Redeemer statue, an iconic symbol of the city.

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Nestled just under the United States, Mexico is a popular destination for Americans. The country offers a wide range of vacations. Cancun holidays are great for those who want to lounge on the beach all day. Meanwhile, Mexico City is a buzzing capital offering a plethora of museums and art galleries. One highlight is the Frida Kahlo’s Museum, which is housed in the artist’s former home. History buffs will also find plenty to see in Mexico. Many of the Aztec temples and ruins are just short trips out of the country’s main cities.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a hotbed for luxury hotels and boutique accommodation. It also has some quirky hotels as well. Ever wanted to sleep in a converted Boeing 727? Now you can at Costa Verde! Staying in San Jose, the country’s capital will place you within easy reach of most of the sites. Take a trip to Arenal Volcano to go hiking, bathe in hot springs and whizz down a zipline. You can also spend a day soaking up local culture in the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, the country’s national museum. To experience the country’s exquisite natural beauty, head to the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Tickets and accommodation booked? Found your passport? Bags all packed? Let’s go on an unforgettable trip to the Americas!

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