Uganda safari is definitely packed with adventures. It is also worth spending your holidays on. But if you are devoid of any plan, you are likely to suffer from a dilemma since its hard to choose from the wide arrays of activities available there. So. For you to have a proper head start, this list will guide you further.

1. Gorilla Trekking

The Bwindi forest houses half the global population the mountain gorillas and the trail along the lines of the forest will provide a scenic view of diverse wildlife. You can see the different gorillas in their natural habitat along with other primates. This trail is also a safe haven for the various species of butterflies and birds. If you are interested in bird watching then ask your tour guide to find you proper birds watching spots. There are accommodations for staying here as well. Always remember to be wary of what the instructor has to stay.

2. Chimpanzee Trekking

Another one of the primates that attract tourist from all over the world are the Chimpanzees. The Queen Elizabeth national park is among the few places which have chimpanzee trails. Watch them as these animals thrive in their natural habitat and are equally amazed by the beauty of what nature has to offer to us. You might have seen a chimpanzee at your zoo but this is where they naturally belong. It is a different experience altogether.

Chimpanzee Trekking

3. Bird Watching

Apart from the Bwindi forest, you can also find a lot of these chirpy little creatures by the shores of Lake Victoria. There are over 1050 species of birds that have been recorded in Uganda. The most infamous of this lot is the shoebill and is a must watch for the bird watchers.

4. Cultural Hub

The diversity is not exclusive to the wildlife as the culture that thrives in this country is equally diverse. Learn about the historical backgrounds of each tribe and people as you take tours across the towns. Each of these tribes has a diverse set of culture and language. Participate in the Batwa trail while dropping by the museum. You can also collect souvenirs that are handcrafted by the locals. Try the various cuisines that each tribe has to offer.

5. Kampala City Tour

The capital city of Uganda and is oozing of culture and diversity. You can either choose for a walking or a bicycle tour all across the city. Don’t miss out on this tour because it will be a sheer amount of injustice thrown at this beautiful city itself. Historic sites like Bhai temple, Namirembe Cathedral, et al are also some of best architectural splendours that this city has to offer.

The list only entails the activities that seemed like a proper head start for the travel newbies. The activities here are of course endless and can be discovered further. Uganda is definitely a place that you should include in your travel bucket list if you haven’t already.

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