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Finding The Jewels Of The Carribean

When you think of ideal holidays, for a lot of people, it means great culture, fantastic food, and wondrous nature. For others, it means blue skies, blue seas, and wonderful white beaches. The best thing about a trip to the Caribbean is that you can get an experience of both worlds. But one Caribbean destination is not like the others. Definitely not. Which is why you should make sure you see at least two of the fantastic destinations mentioned below.

Live it up in Havana

One of the first things that many people will think about is the sheer vibrancy of Caribbean culture. There’s a lot to love about each country and island, but if you love a party atmosphere and great music, then Havana absolutely has to be one of your stops. It’s a hub where salsa dancing is almost as common as a greeting. If you’re feeling that fire in your belly and you want to let it out on the dance floor, there are plenty of live dance events to keep you occupied.

Fall in love with Barbados

There are plenty of places for a more relaxed experience of the Caribbean lifestyle, too. That’s not to say that Barbados is boring. There’s excitement to be found a-plenty. But the island is truly a treasure because of the sights it can offer. Just looking at these 15 suggestions of The Crazy Tourist, choices like Hunte’s Gardens and Harrison’s cave offer a tremendous look at how nature has formed on the island. Meanwhile, historical stops like Farley Hill National Park make a somber but gorgeous footnote about the island’s storied past.

A different kind of national park

When you think of the United States national parks, you probably think of big coniferous trees and Smokey the Bear. But one of them has the kind of lush Caribbean wilderness that jumps right out of the pages of Treasure Island. A trip to the Virgin Islands is a small step in paradise, away from the stresses of the world and the quiet appreciation of just how one of the most beautiful corners of the world looks without people to detract away from it all.

Sailing the high seas

Speaking of Treasure Island, when you think of the Caribbean, the mind can’t help but go to the epic voyages across some of the most gorgeous water the planet has to offer. A boating vacation around the island doesn’t offer relaxation and peace under the sun, however. It can also offer some fantastic sights like the Barrier Reefs and Castaway Cay. Caribbean cruises are far from unpopular, so they have attracted some of the best luxury cruise providers, too. If you want to flash a bit of cash, you can enjoy the best dining and hospitality experiences in the world, too.

Great food, great drink, great music, great natural beauty. There’s little else you can ask for, but it’s all there in one region of the world. Next time you feel like a traveling holiday, think about taking a trip around the Caribbean.

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