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First Ski Trip? Here’s 3 Vital Things You Need To Organise

Planning your first ski trip can be a mixture of excitement and feeling overwhelmed. While you’re probably eager to hit the slopes, there are so many things you need to organise and think about beforehand. Choosing your destination should be your first step. From the Zermatt in Switzerland to the Rockies in Colorado, you’re spoilt for choice. Consider your skill set and the type of ski experience you want. Once you’ve decided upon the perfect location for your first ski trip, there are some other things you need to sort out. To plan your first trip with ease, use this checklist to help you.

Find nearby accomodation

Once your destination is decided upon, the next thing you need to organise is accommodation. While it may be tempting to opt for a hotel or lodge that isn’t located directly next to the slopes, you may regret this decision once you arrive. The last thing you want is to have to carry your heavy ski equipment for a long distance after skiing all day. Or have to wait for a shuttle bus to transport you for miles. Consider accommodation such as deer valley rental homes that are near to the slopes while also offering a number of amenities for you to enjoy. Always book in advance to avoid disappointment as these lodgings fill up quickly.

Get insured

Many travellers forgo travel insurance, often out of ignorance or in a bid to save money. This can have catastrophic and often expensive results should something bad happen. While skiing is fun, it’s important to remember that it can increase your chances of injury. If you don’t have suitable insurance, this can leave you with a bill for hospital treatments and medication. Start shopping around for suitable insurance policies that cover a whole host of issues. Having this organised will give you peace of mind. While also giving you protection against theft, injury and flight cancellations.

Buy suitable clothing

This may not seem like a vital thing you need to organise. But when it comes to skiing, it’s imperative that you wear the correct clothing. Otherwise, you may become very sick due to the coldness of the snow or from getting sunburned. Clothing can also give you extra padding should you fall over. Buy clothing that is weatherproof, warm and easy to layer with other items. Vests, fleeces and leggings are ideal as they can be worn under ski jackets and trousers. If you get too warm, you can easily remove a layer or add another one on if you get cold. Wooly hats, gloves and neck warmers are also essential items you will need. Head to a ski-wear supplier and ask for their recommendations before you leave to get the best quality possible.

Having these things organised before you leave will make your first ski trip a complete success. It will stop you feeling like a beginner and turn you into a skiing pro in no time. So take the time to get these items organised in advance and make the most of every second on the slopes.


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Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed N

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