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Fun things to do in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is more than about football. When you visit, there will be an unending list of things to do in Madrid. Since it is not possible to do them all on one single trip unless you have planned to settle in here for about three months, here is a list of the top things you would want to do with your limited time in Madrid.

things to do in Madrid

1] Visiting the museums and galleries

If you think this is a boring start, think again. Don’t you want to explore the Madrid Art Triangle with the Thyssen Bornemisza, the Reina Sofia, and the Museo del Prado? When you are in a different city, do not miss out on whatever sounds exotic because it will always give you many new things, and some of them will be things you would be glad to learn about. But visiting museums is only one of the things to do in Madrid. Here comes the party.

2] Local beers

Out of all the things to do in Madrid, this is something everybody will agree to do together. The La Latina is one of the best places for the youth to party in. There are other awesome spots like Cava Baja and the Cava Alta. These streets are too crowded though because everybody wants to try the local beer at the restaurants and bars here.

3] Check out the Paseo de la Castellana

Madrid’s financial center, and Real Madrid football club’s nest, this is the vertical axis of the city. You get to the Natural Science Museum from here, the Kio Towers, and the Plaza de Castilla. These are just some of the places you get to go to from this point, opening up numerous options for things to do in Madrid.

4] El Rastro flea market

This place will get you to treasures lost. Vintage jewelry, vinyl records, you will get everything that makes you nostalgic. Go early in the morning to get there before everybody else and explore the place before it starts getting crowded. There will be enough stalls for refreshments, so do not worry. Losing yourself down memory lane at this flea market will be one of the most memorable things to do in Madrid.

5] San Ginés Chocolates

This famous churros place in Madrid was just a small little shop over a century back. Today it is the happening place for everybody in Madrid. Savouring a cup of hot chocolate, churros, and a variety of other sweets will be the one best way to indulge of all things to do in Madrid.

These are the most authentic ways to enjoy Madrid. To explore more, check out what you can find around these places because new happening things to do in Madrid come up close to the popular old places that you must visit. So, keep an eye out for everything you find on the way to and back from these places we just suggested, you will surely bump into some surprise treasures.

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