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Get More Adventure From Trekking And Hiking Outdoor Activities

Most of the people would like to play on outside because they think natural place will give very peaceful and calm mind to play the games. This was called as outdoor activity. Not only this and also several outdoor activities have presented around the world. The Exercise, sports, swimming, entertainment activities and more are called as outdoor activities. In that way hiking and trekking are also outdoor activities and most of the people like these outdoor activities for getting more entertainment. Probably both these activities are like same one. The Hiking is walking in natural place and environment on pre-charted roadway and then trekking is the people will make long travel with their foot. Each and every people will walk on unmeaning transport area. There are two types of hikes are available like night hikes and day hikes. In trekking activity the people will make journey on mountains and hill station areas.

Hiking Outdoor Activity

Usually hiking involves the natural place and beautiful natural environment region and the name of hiking will be changed based on the country like bush walking and tramping. In some countries the people make hiking activity on holiday or vacation time those countries are New Zealand, North America and Europe. In addition, the people will make this outdoor activity based on season like hot day and cool day. If the temperature in high condition, the people will make travel on mountain and hill station because of avoiding more heat and get more enjoyment. Usually hiking is one of the challenging activities and the people should be very positive mind to make hiking activity. Besides, this is one kind of exercise activity for people.

Locations And Equipment

Basically hiking activity is best for natural area, hill stations, natural environment and some beautiful areas because these regions will give peaceful mind to take travel on calm pathway. The people could use different tools based on different occasion like the shoe will applicable for water, terrain and compass area. The people will use backpack, survival kit tools for making hiking activity. This hiking activity helps to increase the muscle activity and give more pumping operation to the heart.


The people, who make hiking outdoor activity, this will lead to avoid forming heart attacks and heart disease. This activity aids to control the high BP, low BP, stroke, high cholesterol and cancer disease. The hiking helps to burns high amount of calories have presented in the human body. In addition, the people can able to rescue their excess weight through this activity and this will helps the people to improve strength and flexibility in their body. The hiking outdoor activity helps to boost your energy level as well as mood and this will give more confidence to make the people should be in positive mind thought always. This is not sola an activity you can bring your family as well as your friends with you and this will help to increase the relationship with the people surrounding you.

Trekking Outdoor Activity

This is also one of the outdoor activities but this activity people will make very long journey with number of days. This activity is more energetic and intense compared to hiking. This is the best adventure activity for the people and this will give more excitement and thrilling movements to the people. This outdoor activity helps to improve both mental and physical activities to the people. For this journey the people will find many secret hidden nature and environment hidden activity. Usually the people make the trekking activity for unmeaning and unfounded pathway and this will aids to predict some interesting thing in their life. Most of the people said this activity is backpacking but not mountaineering. This was most popular activity in Bhutan, Nepal and India as well as the South America.

Locations And Equipment

Generally there is no location for this activity because the people would make travel on no meaning pathway along with beautiful natural scene. Most of the people make hills and mountain regions. For this activity the people use boots, survival kit. Clothes based on temperature and cool and compass. The people would use these tools mostly on mountainous regions. This outdoor activity is best for cardio-respiratory like blood vessels, lungs and heart and this will offer more health benefits to the people. This outdoor activity helps to increase muscle fitness and reduce risk of stroke and heart disease. Mainly this outdoor activity is used for type II diabetes as well as high blood pressure. The trekking helps to avoid high cholesterol and eliminate overweight. You can able to avoid breast and colon cancer through this activity. The people will able reduce more stress as well as depression through this activity and you can get deep sleep without any interruption during night time.

Image by Leonardo RegoliLukas KozmusAmitabha GuptaMassimo D’Ambrosio under CC License


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