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Get your money’s worth: 7 Tips for Choosing the perfect hotel

Still looking for the right hotel to stay in? There are considerations you should consider despite your hectic schedule. Why? Because picking the wrong one can destroy your entire vacation, not to mention a very unproductive stay if you’re on a business trip. You want to know that you’re getting the value for your money, comfort and the facilities you expect and want.

Here are a few key tips for choosing the right hotel.

1. Star Rating. This is the first thing you should look for when finding the right hotel accommodation. Although this shouldn’t be the sole factor when deciding, choosing based on star rating lets you narrow down the best hotels from the majority of average ones.Rating systems seek to assess hotel quality, so that customers know what to expect when they book. Here’s a better look at the star rating system.

2. Services. One tip that’s often ignored is making sure you know the type of services that the hotel offers. Will you want to eat in the hotel’s restaurant? Is there a room service? Will you need a place to wash your clothes? How about gym and swimming pools? Is there a Wi-Fi connectivity in your room? Hotel accommodation at The Star, is an example where guests are spoilt for luxurious services.

3. Reviews. If you want a more detailed review of a hotel from someone who has been there already, then there are a variety of websites like Yelp and Trip Advisor which allows users to post reviews on various aspects of their stay. However, take all reviews with a pinch of salt and just look into the specific: if you’re not going to use the hotel’s pool, don’t dismiss the hotel simply because their pool is relatively small.

4. Parking. Another good tip when choosing a hotel is to ensure that you look into whether the hotel has enough parking for its guests, and plan your trip based on that. If there is no parking space available, you might want to look ahead into the local public transport or alternative ways of getting to the hotel. However, you won’t have this problem if you stay at bigger hotels as these types of hotel include parking spaces for patrons.

5. Location. The hotel’s location is one of the most important considerations for an enjoyable stay. Make sure you look into whether the hotel you want is an inner-city hotel or situated in a more rural area. City hotels are likely to be busier, noisier and more expensive, but you will have a wider range of options for recreational areas, restaurants and touring places.

6. Pet-Friendly. Are you bringing your fluffy companion with you? If so, you need to know if the hotel allows animals to stay in your room with you. Make sure you know about whether the hotel take pets before going, as it could make or break your stay.

7. Additional Fees. Some hotels add on fees for stuff that you might assume are included in the initial sum. For example, paying for an internet connection. If you’re on a business trip and require access to email, look for a hotel that provides free internet usage.

That’s it! While there’s no secret formula for choosing the perfect hotel, the key is making sure you ask all the relevant questions. Doing so will let you avoid a dreaded hotel horror.


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