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Getting Your Dose of Vitamin ‘Sea’: Boating Vacations To Consider

Is there anything more freeing than being out on the water? The soft sway of a boat, the wind in your hair and a drink in your hand- perfect! There are so many different ways you can explore the world by water, if you constantly overlook this method when you’re on your travels you really are missing out. Here are some of the ways to take advantage.

Ocean Cruises

The best thing about a cruise is that the journey is just as much fun as the destination. Instead of sitting on a cramped plane for hours, you get to enjoy what is essentially a floating hotel resort. Swim in the pool, dine at a restaurant, browse the shops and sight see from the deck. If you’re a nature lover, go for a cruise of Alaska where you will see everything from eagles to sea lions to whales and bears feasting on salmon. If a tropical paradise is more your kind of thing, cruise the Caribbean where you’ll make stops at gorgeous destinations like Barbados St Lucia the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. You could cruise Asia and the far east, or even go on a world cruise.


You don’t have to cross oceans to enjoy them. If your destination is by the coast, why not spend a day or two on a yacht enjoying the views from the water. You could throw a yacht party with friends with plenty of drinks and music, or you could have a relaxed time and simply sit back and take in views instead. Many larger yachts you can hire will come staffed so you have your own chef, chamber maid and driver on board. It’s a luxurious option, but would be the perfect addition to a once in a lifetime vacation!

River and Canal Cruises

Instead of sailing the oceans, why not explore inland waterways instead through river and canal cruises. The best thing about this is cities are generally built up around them, meaning that cruising down them takes you right to the heart of the action. Cities like Amsterdam have an incredible network of canals making it the perfect destination for something like this. You could visit Anne Frank’s house, the Van Gogh museum and Vondelpark, a gorgeous space known for it’s open air theatre. Instead of sitting on a bus to the next attraction, sail down the canal on a boat instead! If a full boating holiday isn’t for you, you could stay in a hotel and book shorter canal trips to get around and sightsee. If you book your airport taxi from a site like booktaxiamsterdam you can get straight to your hotel at the start of your trip with no hassle.

Regardless of which method you choose, spending time out on the water is relaxing and exciting in equal measures. It allows you to see your destination in a completely new way, and might be something you’ve not taken advantage of as a traveller.  

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Kishar Ahmed N

Kishar Ahmed N

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