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What are the Great Cricket Holiday Destinations

Cricket has been associated with speculations and superstitions. Cricket fans would sit in the chair for hours, in the same position, until the match finishes. They would prefer discomfort than watching their side lose to the counterpart. Most people would prepare dishes and would adorn a similar dress because in a previous encounter that their team won, they had been wearing the same dress and had prepared similar food. Cricket fans would not shy from doing the impossible just to see their side win. Fans would lose their voice screaming slogans and their heart would skip a beat every time they see something different being tried in the match. The anticipation and excitement of a win would make them go beyond limits at times.

One thing you would love about Cricket World Cup is the venue. When you combine travel with a game of cricket, it is priceless. Some of the greatest cricket holiday destinations await your presence. However, the extravaganza this year is being held in Australia and New Zealand.


Melbourne has been the greatest travel destination that would cater you with an ultimate dose of cricket. Cited as the best livable city on earth, Melbourne offers you the best of tourist attractions. Moreover, you have the Melbourne Cricket Ground also known as MCG to cater food for your cricket taste buds. The MCG is the best cricketing grounds, which was built in 1853. The place is renowned for giving birth to test cricket, holding its first test match between host Australia and England way back in 1877. The feeling of being in the stands of MCG is comparable to none.


You cannot rule out Sydney once you added Melbourne in the greatest cricketing grounds list. The Darling Harbor and Opera House is not the place to be missed, when in Sydney. Furthermore, the Sydney Cricket Ground or SCG is among the best available in the world. The SCG offers an unforgettable experience.


With all eyes set on New Zealand for Cricket World Cup 2015, more than half of the world’s population was upon Christchurch for the opening match of New Zealand and Sri Lanka at Hagley Oval. Apart from cricket, you can get air borne and experience an exhilarating dive into the surprising and compact nation.


Driving down from Auckland, you would reach Hamilton, which has developed into a genuine city from farming centre. The city supports active entertainment and sports scene. The Seddon Park has been specifically built for cricket. With a couple of matches on the cards, the ground has been a delight for the viewers and players. After the match, you can explore the CBD, which is well within a few minutes stroll.


The World Cup match scheduled to be held in Saxton Oval, makes Nelson a newest cricketing location. Apart from the cricket matches, the region offers a typical summer holiday getaway. For those, who want to get a little more tan on their body would love to bathe extra hours under the sun. Other places of interest include sparkling waters and golden sands, Abel Tasman National Park, Marlborough Sounds and best-known wine-growing regions.

Other cricketing holiday destinations in New Zealand include Dunedin (the University Oval), Wellington (Party Central), Auckland and Napier. All these cities offer cricket at its best along with holiday destinations to make the most of your vacations.

Other Cricket Holiday Destinations

Apart from World Cup 2015, other cricket holiday destinations comprise the Lord’s in London, Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Kennigston Oval in Barbados, the Wanderers and Newlands Cricket Ground in South Africa. Cricket grounds in Sri Lanka also offer a great cricketing atmosphere along with beautiful sightseeing destinations to surrender into the laps of nature.

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