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Great Group Weekend Retreats Near Boston

Boston is one of the busiest and most beautiful cities in America. While living in Boston means you get access to some of the best restaurants and hotels in the country, you can get tired of busy streets and 9 to 7 lifestyle pretty soon. Not to worry though, weekend retreats are just a small ride away from Boston, and each of them offers a break that you can enjoy.
Want to ride to a weekend getaway? Rent a Boston charter bus or minibus to go to one of the following weekend retreats which are sure to replenish you.

1. Stowe, Vermont

The Ski Capital of America is just 4 hours away from Boston, and it is one of the best weekend trips you’ll ever have. Filled to the brim with luxury spas and resorts, you’ll never have a shortage of activities to do. Tired of the mountains? You can hit Downtown Stowe for your tasting of the famous local craft beer. Stowe is also known for a scenic town and many adventure sports in the mountains. You can try out ice skiing and many sorts of ice games when you are in Stowe.

You can check out different places to visit in Stowe and also things to do when you’re there.

2. Peak’s Island

In a couple of hours, you can be at Peak’s Island, and you can enjoy the whole thing. The entire area is one of the best waterside things that you can enjoy. Peak’s Island has some of the best boating and kayaking areas; They have some of the most excellent variety of coastal fauna and flora along with some of the famous Civil War-era forts. Enjoy your day at the waterfront and enjoy yourself on some of the hikes.
You can seek out some guides to take you through some treks, or camp out in one of the waterfronts to enjoy yourselves.

3. Lake Champlain

About 4 hours away is the Lake Champlain. One of the icy spaces in Vermont this picture-perfect Lake is something out of the fairytale books. Lake Champlain is a place where you can relax and enjoy without any problems. You can enjoy yourselves at one of the many farms and houses where you can eat out without any problems. This is also one of the places where you can enjoy wine-tasting at a Vineyard and spend hours hiking around the Lake to find out more attractions. There are also memorials commemorating many Civil War heroes dating back to the era if history makes you excited.
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4. Block Island

Rhode Island is so near Boston that it often gets ignored in the traveler’s to-do list. However, it’s home to Block Island, filled with coastal greenery and amazing animals which you can spend your day with. This is an excellent place for an office family trip where the kids can hang out and try out different sorts of fun while you hang back and feed yourself a gorgeous meal. You can also try out the various spas and resorts to relax in.

5. Mashantucket

This is the area where you go for gambling and enjoyment without any worries. The Mashantucket is somewhere you can play games and be your authentic selves without any concerns. Enjoy the finest cuts of meats at one of the local kitchens and see your wild side come out.

6. Northbridge

This is one of the places where you can enjoy golfing and the mountains throughout the area. Northbridge is somewhere you can enjoy the various adventure sports, and there are granite areas with the world coming in between. Northbridge is an area where your colleagues can let go of their restrictions without any problems.

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