Great Places To Explore In Brazil

The tropical land of Carnaval, Samba and Football! And that’s only scratching the surface of all the Brazilian charms. Truth is you would need at least three lifetimes to see everything there is to see in Brazil. But since we know that is not practical, we have compiled this article with the five most exciting attractions in the country. Read on and have fun!

1) Sao Paulo


If you love exploring big metropolitan cities, Sao Paulo is the place to be in Brazil. With nearly 45 million inhabitants, this is simply the largest city in the country – and one of the largest cities in the world. Here you’ll find a bit of everything: from titanic skyscrapers to surprisingly diverse gastronomy and a massive, roaring, cultural scene. It isn’t one of the safest places to be though, so you may want to get direct travel insurance before coming to Sao Paulo.

2) Rio de Janeiro


So you want to get immersed in the famous Brazilian party spirit? Then Rio de Janeiro is your best call. Famously known as the capital of Samba music, this city is a rollercoaster of mountains, beaches and historical landmarks – and also home to the world famous Carnival festival, where the locals spare no efforts to celebrate life to the fullest. It’s also home to iconic sites such as the Christ the Redeemer statue, and one of the happiest places in Brazil.

3) Brasilia
Once the capital of Brazil, Brasilia was developed over many years and built in 1960 as a grand vision of what a perfect modern city should look like. This is a very interesting city from an architectural standpoint, featuring many iconic buildings that attract visitors in hordes: most notably the Brasilia Cathedral and the Three Powers Square, which comprises the most important buildings for the national government.

4) Fortaleza

Here’s the perfect place to go in Brazil if your main interests are simply shopping and spending time in the beach. While visiting Fortaleza, you’ll get to experience first-hand such iconic beaches such Irameca, Meireles or Praia do Futuro. And when you get tired of just swimming or loafing around in the glorious sand… make sure to check out the surrounding fishing villages for some unique sea foods and wondrous natural scenes.

5) Recife

Some people like to refer to Recive as “Brazil’s own Venice”, as homage to its multiple bridges and waterways scattered throughout the urban landscape. This could be an understatement, as Venice pales in comparison to the luscious tropical forests, lively islands and pristine rivers which define this region. Recife is a great mix of nature and civilization, and the place to go for those looking to experience the best of both worlds.


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