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Our Honeymoon Trip to Delhi-Shimla-Manali (Part 1) – 2 Days Trip in Delhi

What could be a better way to celebrate two people’s love and marriage that on a honeymoon trip? We were planning for a perfect North India trip for a long time and finally decided to book our Delhi-Shimla-Manali Honeymoon Trip. Our Honeymoon Trip Package was booked from April 5 to April 10(6 days trip to Shimla and Manali from Delhi). One of our close friends staying in Delhi so she arranged for the Delhi sightseeing.

On the 3rd of April 2019 we set out on what was going to be a romantic yet adventurous trip and said bye to Chennai J 3 hours later we landed in Delhi. Our Friend greeted and picked us from Delhi Airport to her home(Munirka, Delhi). After some rest, we started a visit to the nearest sightseeing. Going crazy about what to see as this wonderful Delhi has a glorious history being explored in the present such as architecture, monuments, history, shopping, and so on. Everyone and everything in this beautiful tourist place has a story.

Quite a large number of Delhi’s tourist attractions are within walking distance from various metro stations. We purchased a Delhi Metro Tourist Card for unlimited travel over a short period to explore the city. Traveling via the metro is a very economical and efficient way especially for first-time visitors and for travelers without knowing Hindi.

We reached Central Secretariat Metro Station and took an auto to visit the nearest spots.

We explored Rashtrapati Bhawan, Raj Ghat Gandhi Memorial park, Indhira Gandhi Museum, and Parliament which narrates the glorious past of India. Then we visited India Gate, one of the most popular monuments in the heart of the city. India Gate is composed of beautiful lush green lawns and wide roads that are occupied by all sorts of people, especially for morning and evening walkers. During the nighttime, India Gate is beautifully lit up along with the attractive fountains that make the place a wonderful sight to spend our quality time.

It was getting dark so we decided to head back to the home after a tiring day. We enjoyed our dinner and an endless chat. The next day is my birthday (April 4) so they surprised me with a birthday cake and they made my day unforgettable.

The next day, we started our one day trip to Agra (200 KM away from Delhi) to explore the world’s famous Taj Mahal and Red Fort. We booked a one-day bus trip that would take less than 3 hours but with full flexibility and should be a nice experience.  After a bit more than 3 hours we ended up in Agra to visit the two of the most beautiful buildings in India, the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort(a fort of Mughals). We were handed over to a local guide in Agra Fort and it was amazing and informative. 

Red Fort:

The Agra Fort was built in the 16th century by the Mughal rulers of northern India. The walls stretch for 2.5 km along the Yamuna River and inside the walls, the fort holds the imperial city of the Mughal rulers. Agra has one of India’s most significant Mughal Forts and also was among the first monuments in India to be declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Red Fort is a massive red-colored stone fort and containing many eye-catching courtyards and palatial rooms that are very impressive 2 km from the Taj Mahal Agra.

Fort is a veritable treasure trove of the Mughal architectural tradition and the various buildings within the Fort represent the assimilation of different cultures of the Mughal Period. The view of the mesmerizing Taj Mahal from Red Fort is completely out of the world and it was a huge surprise for us.

Meena Market:

From there we started to Meena Market located very close to the fort, which is the famous spot for shopping. This place is very popular for leather purchases and beautiful ceramic collections of the Taj Mahal.  We got a leather jacket for INR 4000 and a Kangaroo leather sling bag for INR 1800 that worth buying.

Taj Mahal:

The bus was parked a kilometer away from the Taj Mahal to avoid pollution. That was amazing as we got to see many small shops but you have to beware of scammers. You’ll find many guides who will point out (for a fee) the best spots for taking photographs. After a kilometer of the walk, we finally saw it. Taj Mahal J a majestic building. Dream come true moment. My first encounter with the Taj Mahal was a picture-perfect scene. I still had to pinch myself that I was seeing this. I couldn’t believe that I was there. 

Taj Mahal is a huge beautiful building made of marble built over 21 years with more than 20k workers still stand to amaze.  It is one of the must-visit tourist spots of India that must be visited at least once in our lifetime. The mesmerizing white glazing marble beauty, with reflecting waters and the green courtyard, against the backdrop of the sky, was stunning.

For a while, I forgot all about my surroundings and stood gaping! I must have dropped my jaw wide open in wonder I guess!  It was surprisingly a special day on the day of our visit so the tourist was not charged for an entry fee and allowed to visit for free cost. At the entrance, all the visitors are given a pair of disposable shoe covers and it is a must to cover our shoes or walk barefoot if you plan on going inside the Taj.

The real graves of Shah Jahan and his wife Mutaz are built at the bottom of the Taj and people are allowed to see the dummy graves which are seen on the top of the Taj. Only once in a year in April, these graves are open for the public for 3 days. And luckily we got the chance to see the original graves.

Taj Mahal is usually open to tourists from 6 AM to 7 PM every day except on Fridays as it remains closed for Jummah. You can also enjoy the stunning night view of the Taj Mahal on every full moon from 8.30 PM to 12.30 PM for 5 days (2 days prior and after the full moon) except the month of Ramadan.

You see all of these places in movies, but you never actually believe you will see them until you do. I would love to recommend as someone who has been there and done it; take your pictures, and then take the time just to enjoy that you are there. After we saw everything and enjoyed taking photos, we just sat there next to the Taj talking. We enjoyed our time spending in this romantic spot with plenty of memories and finally, we returned to the bus. After day-tripping at the Taj and Red Fort, be sure to experience the famous Mughlai cooking in the many area restaurants before returning to Delhi. We reached our friend’s home by 1.30 am in the night and the very next morning we are supposed to start our Shimla-Manali trip which we booked everything in prior

Will continue the journey in my next article on a visit to Shimla attractions – keep reading!!!

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